Friday, October 31, 2014


School's Out this December, so give your kids the headstart they need! With Dance, K-Pop Dance, Singing, and Arts Programmes available, have your child work with the best coaches and mentors!

Is your child a K-Pop Fanatic? Then look no further than our Kids K-Pop Star Training Programme! Designed to help them further their motor skills and musicality, let your child groove and sing to songs that they love! Develop their confidence through physical and verbal activities at the top K-Pop Performing Arts Institution in Singapore!

Prefer focusing on solely Vocals or Dance programmes for kids? We also have niche singing and dance programmes available to hone their skills and passion!

Using appropriate and fun songs for both Vocals and Dance classes, pique your child's interest with something more familiar, while building core techniques and fundamentals in their learning process!

If you're looking for something even more jam-packed with content, look no further than our customised KIDS STARLETS : Performing Arts Camp, where they'll work with industry experts focused on character building and confidence development through concepts like public speaking and stage performance!

Have your kids maximise and love their holiday programmes right here at Celine Jessandra this December! Broken into their respective age groups to more effectively convey each and every class content, there's no doubt your children will have a blast!

For more information about any of our courses for kids, feel free to contact us at 6254 0702, or e-mail to today for more information!

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