Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bringing the girl power back with Gfriend's 'Glass Bead' and 4Minute's 'Crazy [미쳐]'!

Our girls are back with two dance covers, Gfriend's 'Glass Bead' and 4minute's 'Crazy [미쳐]'!

If you're a fan of Apink and/or Girls' Generation, you're definitely in for a treat! From youthful and vibrant dancing to catchy melodies, 6-member rookie girlgroup, Gfriend, is set to shine with their debut song, 'Glass Bead'. Have you missed dancing to girlish yet hardcore choreography? You won't want to give this a miss!

4Minute has also finally made their comeback with Crazy [미쳐], exuding a fierce, charismatic aura. 
Its been quite some time since we last got a taste of their strong, hard-hitting dancing and girl dominance concept, and we're totally digging it. 

Check out our cover below!


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