Friday, May 15, 2015

SINGING - at the heart of CJ

[ NEW Vocal Classes this MAY | JUNE! ]

Understanding that everyone is different, CJ's unique vocal program is a powerful combination of vocal techniques and vocal science that serves to customize in our approach to help you achieve your vocal goals! 

Just as no two voices are alike, with the increasingly varied songs (and in different languages no less!) students sing in classes and in preparation for the stage, the knowledge and application of vocal technique are fundamental to being versatile, confident singers. 

Our vocal instructors are obsessed with music & the voice, and are natural cheerleaders for their students! The vocal learning journey is a well-trodden path and our instructors walk closely with their students, with dedication, passion and patience. 

CJ was always meant to be a music-centric powerhouse, with singing at its core. 

We welcome you. :) 



To reserve your slots for the above classes, call us at 6254 0702 | 9732 7302 or email us at now!

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