Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Beyond all that dancing~

We attend classes and dance till we drop...
No doubt we need to practice to improve on our skills but sometimes our mental power and body energy drained out so horribly that one just loses the optimism to carry on. 

So instead of just the dance... how about looking a little further into it?
Try getting your daily dose of inspiration from Instagram?

Everyone needs some motivation and we often turn in to people we admire most to get inspirations.
You've probably caught them in action on Youtube!
Be it dance concept videos, regular dance classes, performances, as guest judges in renown dance competitiions/battles, as backup dancers or choreographers for Celebrities.
Now, lets have a closer look the inspirational talents!

Here are my TOP 5 DANCERS/CHOREOGRAPHERS [in random order of my choice] to follow on INSTAGRAM and why:

1) @Keonemadrid and @Marrrrriel

Back up with powerful foundations in dance and individually strong as dancers in their own styles. This humble and inspiring couple appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show and they definitely sweep people off their feet with collaboration filled with chemistry and heartfelt feelings.

Alongside Shaun Evaristo, Keone Madrid and Mari Martin 
has done choreography works for popular Korean artists in YG Entertainment [2NE1, Se7en, Taeyeng].
Follow the couple on instagram where they’ll open you up to their humble life despite the limelight in the dance scene!

2) @parrisgoebel

The South Auckland dancer and choreographer is known for her outstanding Hiphop skills and dominating female power in dance. Her Hiphop influences derived from New Zealand’s culture and heritage brought about her style known as  ‘Polyswag’.Just 22 years old, she has been known as the choreographer behind Jennifer Lopez's Dance Again World Tour and is also the woman behind Bigbang-Taeyang’s Ringa Linga choreography!

Awarded Female choreographer of the year at the World of Dance Industry awards 2014, follow her on instagram if you are also a STEP UP Movie fanatic to catch updates as she will be appearing in the upcoming Movie Sequel Step Up All In’ hitting the cinemas in soon!
Yahooooh!3) @Kylehanagami


I’ve been a pretty big fan of Kyle Hanagami’s dance pieces and it was after watching his videos on Youtube a few years back that sparked my growing interest in choreography.
Letters of love: A project initiated by the big-hearted choreographer himself. People from around the world to write in letters according to the given theme and for every 10 letters received, Kyle will donate $1 to cancer research.
This is the second year on the project after an incredibly successful one in 2013 with over 14 000 letters received!
Be sure to get inspired by his hardworking spirit that never fails to remind oneself to work pass your comfort level!4) @Quickcrew

A Norwegian dance crew based in Oslo, watching just this 3 member crew dance is just as entertaining as[or even more than] watching a class of 20 dancers on stage!

With crazy swift movements in their choreography that will actually make you miss out something in a blink of an eye, they never fail to impress with the amazing teamwork.
They just take synchronicity to a whole new level~ jaw drops.

Away from all the seriousness, their quirky personalities on instagram will definitely remind you that dance is an enjoyment [totally]!

5) @chachigonzales


Not even 20 years old,  Chachi has already made several marks in the dance and entertainment scene.  You’ve probably heard of her in the dance crew I.aM.mE, the winner of American’s Best Dance Crew Season 6 Winner! 

Acquiring so much recognition at such young age doesn't prevent the amiable dancer to stop continue striving and growing!
The pretty and talented lady also recently started her own clothing line called Dotheads by Chachi.

Equipped with skills, style and endearing personality, Chachi is c
ertainly an ideal role model for the young generations!


Take a step back, put your worries aside, tell yourself that it’s just gonna be you, your movements and the music at it’s purest form today!

Recall the reason(s) why you started dancing and remember the feeling you got out from dance.

Dance is a never- ending-learning journey, don’t forget the process just because you are too focused on the goal!
Look around you, watch, listen and feel with your heart and have fun growing!

Phewww…I have a whole lot more of dance idols so it’s really tough to short list 5 only!! Feel free to share who are your dance idols and why they inspire you as well!!

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