Tuesday, July 28, 2015


CJ's Open House 2015 took place on the 21st of June this year, and we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all our enthusiastic students and our hardworking performing crew, Lazarus, for their help in making our Open House a success!

Things were off to a bright and early start at 11am in the morning with our Kids Dance workshop! Together with Teacher Ms Riana, the kids got their blood pumping and body grooving to a simple but energetic dance routine. We had many new faces in the class, but despite their initial shyness, they managed to have fun and dance along freely to the music. After getting all warmed up from dancing, the kids headed off to our vocal classroom for a Vocal for Kids workshop with Teacher Xin Li.

One of our new initiatives here at CJ! Vocals has been an integral part of our course structure and we are now introducing vocal classes for kids! Our Kids Vocal instructor, in addition to her wide vocal knowledge, also specializes in early childhood education! We hope both workshops managed to spark a longer-lasting interest in singing, dancing and the performing arts!

Kids Dance workshop with Riana!
Young love is in the air~

When I grow up, I want to be this tall!
Dance and Vocal workshops were conducted non-stop throughout the day, and the school was kept bustling with non-stop activity. Our instructors had a long day of teaching and performing but the students' enthusiasm and positive attitude to learning was infectious and made all our workshops, be it dance or vocal, fun-filled and energetic!

Hip Hop workshop with Jojo!
Feeling the music.
"Easing Vocal Strain" workshop with Clement!
Do Re Mi~
The highlight of the day for many of our students was the performance showcase put on by our very own student performing crew, Lazarus!

Over the 2 weeks leading up to Open House, evenings here at CJ were busy with students, pockets of vocalists harmonising and rehearsing with one another, and small groups of dancers playing music over their phones and working on their moves. So many different sounds and music playing simultaneously, all fighting to be heard, but the excitement and camaraderie in the air brought it all together into a chaotic but pleasant cacophony.

CJ is where many of our Lazarus crew members first got to know one another, and it is in our humble studio and school that they have spent hours together sweating it out and/or belting it out in their dance and vocal classes respectively. For Lazarus' first project together to have been CJ's Open House was a very poignant and fitting occurrence, and we hope this will be a lasting memory for them.

Charissa, Andrea, Cheryl and Stella belting it out to "Chandelier"
Xin Li, Sheree and Alicia performing Taetiseo's Love Sick
Presenting...dancers from Lazarus!

The performance showcase ended with a short item by our Chief Vocal Instructor, Clement, and the Caius Coalition, the official dance crew of CJ's entertainment arm, Caius Lauren Entertainment (CLE). The crew performed a medley of songs choreographed by our very own resident instructor and CLE artiste, Jojo!

Clement bringing us a song from the Land of Smiles
CJ's resident dance instructor Jojo! 

The Caius Coalition

Watch Caius Coalition in action! 

There were many new faces present at CJ that day, as well as several old regulars we've missed seeing here, and together with all our currently active students, it felt like such an amazing congregation of past, present and future. CJ has grown to become like a second home to many of our students, and we hope this would be the case for any new additions to the CJ family!


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