Thursday, October 29, 2015

Brilliant Beyond Brilliant Ideas.

Jojo calls them my BBBs.

Sometimes, I feel like I have a whole other world in my head. And I live over there a lot.
Sometimes I overstay my welcome, and am prodded and tugged back to reality by people who do not have other worlds to live in.

Sometimes I feel sad for them. They must be really bored living the grind of life that most people call reality.

When I was young, I loved to sing. I still do (when I have the time). When I was working at an MNC, I was always lost somewhere in my other world. I wondered if I could sing to my customers, sometimes I do, and my manager would sit me down and tell me that I mustn't do that.

Then I headed off to school, skipping lectures to sing, only to have my lecturer, classmates and friends join me after class for extended singing hours. That was fun.

The stage was always my solace because it brought the other world in my head to life. It became a reality for me. And with the stage, I could share MY Reality with everyone else. It was then, that those around me understood. That THIS was my world.

I tried to live a normal life, but that was unnatural to me. So I decided to create my own world, and I called it Celine Jessandra.

At Celine Jessandra, I met a lot of people like me. Not those misunderstood, but those who shared the same unhealthy obsession as I had. Those who could rattle off song titles just hearing the first bar of a song. Those who walked around with other worlds in their heads. Who saw things differently, and a cup would never just be a cup. Who would be singing or trying to hit a high note as they walked down the stairs. Who would be popping while waiting for a bus, with ear phones plugged in of course. Okay, sometimes when you don't see the headphones, that's because our other world, there's always music playing like a national anthem throughout the kingdom.

The children (all CJUC students) who are interesting, eclectic, sensible and kind are the most precious to me. I understand their language, and they, mine.

I don't strive to be normal. I believe it is more important to strive to be a creative differentiation in the equation of humans. (I hope that makes sense. I don't know my math.) That is what I always tell my young ones (students and talents).

The talents I work with play a large part and have a huge say in the projects we work on. What I do best, is not (only) to tell them what to do, but how to do it, throw them to do it and work with them to slowly unearth them, so that they may grow into a good and mature version of themselves.

This is how I view commercial perfection vs individual perfection.

I see a side to these young ones, that sometimes others may not be able to. Because on some level, the worlds in our heads seem to connect.

A large part of being different, comes from being yourself. And I love that. I love seeing my young ones exude a weird streak or say something out of this world. Every time they see or feel something, I'd tell them to put it into something that they can re-channel that thought or spark into. An artistic expression - be it through a dance choreography, a song they might write or their performance of a vocal number.

I got carried away.

I guess, what I'm trying to say. Is if you have a child who is different, love them just as much. As if they were your whole world. Because if you don't do that, you might feel more than just sadness, when they turn out to be the next G-D(ragon), and refuse to pick up your calls.

Actually, just send them to me. I have been known to help bring families closer.

Love to one and all.

Celine Jessandra.

The ones who have other worlds in their heads and live in them more than I do. :)
3 versions because I couldn't decide. All the more for you to see them better. And 3's always a good number.

The creative version. Aldo being oppressed by all his big sisters. 
Everyone's a Star. 
Liberated Aldo. 

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