Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Dear Students, 

After 2 weeks into the launch of our new registering/reservation system, we're happy to announce we've heard your feedback, and have made slight tweaks to the system to better, and more efficiently serve your needs. :)

If you're new to the system, please read on. If you're already registered, do read on as well to see how these further changes will affect your signing up of our classes!

Here is a summary of what you can do to get started on your way to signing up for your next class!

We'll start of with the most notable change! For new students, please read on further to get started!



*EDIT: We will NO LONGER require students to have the full amount of credits in their account before reserving a slot for MV classes. Hence, you can still follow the infographic below, but do ignore the pre-requisites for reserving classes at the moment!

  • For first-timers, you can have our counter staff assist you step-by-step in reserving your MV class. Do remember you'll have to have an account, which our staff can help you create over the phone!
  • Select your desired course under the enrolment tab. You should be able to choose from the full list of upcoming classes. Each will be listed with the START / END date, DAY & TIME and NO. OF SESSIONS! Got it? Now click on the course you simply cannot wait to join!
  • EDIT: You will now no longer require the full amount of credits to book your course of choice. Yes! We've heard you. You can now reserve your slots via the following methods
    • Via calling our Front Desk at 6254 0702 / 9732 7302
    • Via your own account from the comforts of your own home
    • E-mail reservations can also be done, but you will have to provide us with your account name and preferred class
  • Once reservations begin, the class will be confirmed with the minimum number of 10 students. It is at this point that we will require students to make their course payments to confirm their slots. Unpaid slots will be released to individuals on the waiting list - of course we'll drop you a call beforehand though!
  • Disclaimer: Students who often reserve but fail to turn up for class will be highlighted and priority may no longer be provided for them during the reservation of classes! It's a hard decision to make, but a necessary one - Thank you for your kind understanding!
  • Online registrations will close 10 days before the MV courses' commencement. Any reservations done within the 10 day period will have to be done via PHONE or at our STUDIOS
*Once a student has made payment for a specific class, there will be a penalty of $25.00 for change of course. For withdrawals, the non-refundable policy will remain!  

The payment options available are as follows: 

      • Transfer the required amount to DBS Current Account 047-902349-6.
      • Email hello@celinejessandra.com with the following information:
        1. Full Name as per Payer's Account
        2. Mode of Payment: [iBanking / ATM Transfer: For ATM transfer, please also attach a snapshot of receipt]
        3. Payer's Account Number
        4. Transaction Reference Number
        5. Total Amount Transferred
        6. Course being paid for
        7. Date & Time Transfer
      • Upon receipt of the course fees, you will receive an email confirmation from us informing you about your successful enrollment in the course.

      • You can pay in person at our school premises. We accept cash, NETS, and cheque!
      • We will enroll you into the MV course on the spot once payment has been completed.

*Do take note that enrolment will be first-come-first-served based on payment status, so do hurry when reserving your slot! (:


*This new system is now in effect, so do call our hotline, or ask our counter staff for any forms of assistance

We will still require all Dance students [both existing and new students] to create an account with us! 

Creating the account is an extremely easy process, and will only take up a minute of your time (: 

1. From our website, click on the "LOG IN" button located at the TOP RIGHT section of the page, or follow this link: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/home?studioid=257747

* Our Front Desk may have already created an account for some of you! All you need to do is click "This is Me!" and verify your phone number, then proceed to create a log-in for yourself. 

* Feel free to approach our Front Desk for assistance at any time, and our staff will guide you through the registration process (: 


*Open dance classes are the ongoing weekly street dance classes!

  • For first-timers, you can have our counter staff assist you in the picking and arranging of your first open class! After making your payment, you will be able to choose from a series of packages to best suit your needs and schedule!
  • We do have a few different packages for you to choose from! Please enquire with our amazingly helpful counter staff for more details!
  • If you're on our SOLO FLEXI or BUDDY Packages, we do strongly encourage you to reserve your slots beforehand in order to ensure your place in the class before its full! Open classes will be open for reservations all the way until its commencement. [unless the class reaches the maximum quota] 
  • Alternatively, our front desk can also help to sign you in before each class should you forget to reserve your slot! However, do note that if the class is FULL, we will unfortunately be unable to place you in the desired class for the day!
  • Walk-in or Single Class students will not be required to sign up online. You will simply need to head down to our studio before the class starts to make payment! However, do call to check if classes are full for the day - just in case!

*Cancellation Policy: For open classes, students will not be allowed to cancel their booking from 2 hours before the class commences.


If you have any questions on how the new system works, please do not hesitate to approach our Front Desk for assistance at any time! We will be more than happy to explain how it works and guide you through the new systems in place (: 

Thank you!

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