Friday, August 22, 2008

Celine Jessandra June / July Updates!


The Celine Jessandra Artistes and Performing Crew have been busy with performances in the months of June through July! Here's an update of what went on:

June 2008 - Re-LIVE! @ Atrium
The Re-LIVE! @ Atrium event was organized by tertiary students from different schools who came together for a special cause.
Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts is happy to be a part of this event and to be able to perform for such a meaningful cause! During the 2 Performances that were staged at Plaza Singapura's Atrium, the Celine Jessandra Artistes and Performers entertained with a series of Vocals and Hip Hop Dance Performances much to the delight of the organizers and shoppers! We were also happy to have Soul Funky make a Guest Appearance by performing an opening number for the Closing Ceremony!

June 2008 - SHINE Youth Festival Opening Ceremony
SHINE opened with a blast this year! Featuring many performers from different genres of the performing arts who showcased their
talents through a wide variety of performances that was staged at Bugis Junction. Our Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Minister of Community Development, Youth and Sports - Mr. Teo Ser Luck was the Guest of Honour of this event!

Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts was happy to be a part of this inspiring event that sought to encourage youths to step out and excel. The Artistes and Performing Crew took to the stage to perform an exciting repertoire of Vocals and Dance performances! Our performances drew much acclaim from the audiences and organizers of the event.

Our very own young Artiste, Kimberly Chia performed a duet with Funkie Monkies' Singer - Wu Jia Hui. Together they serenaded the crowd with the title song from the movie, 881 -一人一半 (Jit Lang Jit Bua).

Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts is proud to be a part of SHINE 2008!

July 2008 - National Youth Achiever's Forum (a SHINE event)
This year's National Youth Achiever's Forum was held at Bukit View Secondary School. Our Director, Celine Jessandra was invited to be a Speaker at the forum for the Youth Achievers who attended the forum from all the different schools all over Singapore!

The forum aims to share and inspire the students on how "Character attributes to Success". The other Speakers were Roy Tay (National Sailor), Venus Wang (Established Property Agent), Goh Chern (Youth Leader) and Chua Sihui (Youth Leader).

During the Break-out session, the students were given a musical treat by Celine Jessandra Artistes - Josephine Hung, Clement Chen and Tan Fang Zhi. Celine also shared her experiences in the field of entrepreneurship and the performing arts with the students during the cosy sharing session.

July 2008 - South Zone Goes Asian! (Crescent Girls' School)
South Zone Goes Asian was a cluster event that sought to bring all students and teachers together for an Asian Festival Carnival. Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts received an extremely warm response from the Crescent Girls who made wonderful audiences on that day!

The Artistes and Performers put on a fantastic performance of Mandarin and Korean Vocal numbers as well as Korean and English Lyrical Hip Hop dance items much to the delight of the audiences who screamed, applauded and sang along through the entire 45 mins performance! The atmosphere was tingling with lots of excitement and adrenaline for the performers who brought the house down with their performances!

Our Korean Teacher was also busy conducting a Workshop on Korean Food - Cooking Demonstration for students and teachers. The participants of the workshop got their appetites whet with the culinary demonstration of Bul Go Gi (Korean Beef) and Ddeok Bbok-ki (Korean Rice Cakes)! Food tasting concluded the session on an enjoyable and happy note!

August 2008 - Innova Junior College SURPASS Vocal Workshop
This year, our Director, Celine Jessandra was invited back to Innova Junior College to conduct the Pop Vocals Workshop for the school's "Pursue Your Passion - SURPASS" week!
The students were excited to learn more on the various singing techniques that would help them in their performances or karaoke-ing sessions! The learn share session was cosy and filled with lots of laughter. The IJC students were wonderful during the actual application segment that required them to sing!

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