Thursday, May 07, 2009

Vocal Training Prep Course for Competitions!

Hello everyone! =)

As many of you know, Celine has trained and worked with many young renowned personalities such as Campus Superstars Season 1 & 2 - Geraldine, Keely, Agnes, Joanna, 2nd Runner-up, Singapore Idol 2006 - Jasmine Tye and most recently crowned, K-Pop Talent Competition Winner, Josephine Hung.

Many students have requested for us to do a "Vocal Training Prep Course for Competitions Program!" and we are happy to offer this special training package for our students who might be interested in joining Singapore Idol 2009!

The package will cover the following Vocal training aspects:

- 1-to-1 Individual Training Sessions.

- Song choices for the various rounds. (eg. Auditions, Semi-Finals etc)

- Vocal Techniques Training.

* Basic Vocal Techniques (Breathing, Diaphragm Usage, Pitching, Rhythm)

* Advanced Vocal Techniques.
(Vocal Register transitions, Vocal Expressions, Delivery of Song)

- Stage Performance Techniques Training.
(eg. Posture Body Language, Facial Expressions etc)

** Competition tips and pointers .

Our Super Affordable Training Price Packages:

Package A: SGD $250.00 for 4 Sessions
Package B: SGD $320.00 for 6 Sessions
*Terms and Conditions apply.

Please feel free to call us at 6254 0702 to find out more about our Vocal Training Prep Course for Competitions or to Sign Up with us now! ^^

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