Monday, May 31, 2010

K-POP Talent 2010 - the Thank Yous.

Hello Everyone!

Celine here! I would like to thank everyone who came down to show their support for Jojo today. I was really happy to see so many familiar faces! I hope all of you enjoyed her performance! =)

I've got a really long list of thank yous!

I would like to thank the organizers of K-POP Talent 2010 (Square 2) for having Jojo as a Guest Performer today! Kelvin and Rachel from Popsicle, thanks guys! Great job on the show! =) I would also like to thank them for having Mattie host the event!

I hope all of you enjoyed Jojo's performance today! =) I would like to thank Clare and her 4 talented, young dancers who did a great job for Jojo's performance!

I would also like to thank my greatest pillars - Carmen and Clement for the amazing job of taking care of everyone! Chairul, Javis, Jon and Joshua for the lovely food and fantastic support! Jiayi, Jason and Sara for the banners and balloons + Kimberly, Pamela, Caroline, Shermin, Sherlene, Allison, Desiree, Kelvin, Huiqing, Aloy, Siti, Zong Xiang, Nisa and ALL OUR CJ Students and Parents who came down to show their support for Jojo and everyone! A Big Thank You to everyone! ^^ 감사합니다.

For those of you who went to watch K-POP Talent Contest 2010 @ Square 2 today, I think you will find him familiar...

Yes, Mattie (as I call him!) is also one of our CJ Darlings. Matthew Zachary as he is known is half-korean and half-chinese. Mattie has hosted many many events and is slated to do YOG this coming August!

You can find out more about him by checking out his website!

We hope to see all of you at CJ! Come join our happy, loving CJ Family! We're crazy about singing and dancing. We love the Stage. We hope you do too. =)

Cheers Everyone!
Have a lovely week ahead!


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