Saturday, October 16, 2010

CJ on OMG this Wed! Need CJ Family love!

Hi Everyone!

CJ will be appearing on this COMING WEDNESDAY's (20th Oct) episode of One Moment of Glory and we hope that all of you will be able to support us in one way or another! We are going to be Challengers against the existing contestants.

Here's what we need the CJ family to unite and help out with!

1. Please come down to the Mediacorp Studios to support us!
Tickets are available to CJ students, friends and family who wishes to support the CJ Crew.
Please let Carmen know your names, contact nos, and no. of tix

2. Cheerleaders to lead in fan chants. We're doing K-Pop so this is a must. We will provide balloons and whistles etc. We hope you can help do up posters and banners for the CJ Crew.

4. Your favourite CJ Crew members (eg. Jo, Sam, Yuzhen, Evy, Di, Joanna, Zhi Jun) will be performing! Please show them support! Psst. We're also having our special guest performers.. Out Little ones! ^^

5. CJ will be representing K-Pop in Singapore so we're really hoping that all our fellow K-Pop lovin friends from the various forums will come show us support for this! Thank you in advance! *bows*

Looking forward to feeling some CJ Family love from all of you!

Can't wait to hear from all of you! Please "like" our fb post so that other students can read it when they come online!

Thank you!

With love,

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Anonymous said...

HELLO! Do I have to go to CJ to take the tix? I want be cheer leader ^^