Friday, October 08, 2010

The Surprise Revealed~!

Dear CJ,

We are going to bring K-Pop to the local audiences on Prime Time TV for the first time. We have been invited to go on One Moment of Glory (OMG) as a challenger & we would like to bring the essence of K-Pop to the show. =)

CJ, you are the one of the main forces behind K-Pop in Singapore and we need all of you to be with us through this! Do we have your support...? >.<

Love, CJ Crew <3

(PS. Would love to hear your comments and likes [if any] on FB! ^^


FiRYaNa said...



rooting for u guys!


Mildred said...

OMG! yeah, I'll be supporting~ HWAITING!


CelineJessandra said...

Firyana - Thank you! =)

Mildred - Please do! If you want to come down and watch, let us know! ^^

Mildred said...

CJ: Can? I want! But when?

Celine Jessandra said...

Mildred - Will keep you updated! Keep checking our FB or the blog! =)