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CJ Concert 2010 - The Thank Yous~

Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts'
4th Anniversary Concert 2010

~Take A Bow. My Darlings. Fantastic job. ~

Hellooooo CJ~!

I hope everyone had a blast at this year's CJ Concert 2010! I certainly did and felt that everything was over all too soon! There are A LOT of Thank Yous, so please read on patiently! =)

CJ Concert 2010 ~We Sing. We Dance. We Love~

~CJ Concert 2010
~2.5 hrs of Song and Dance
~Infinite chaos after the Finale
~200 Happy and High Performers
~927 Supporters
~More than a thousand Smiles..
~A million floating hearts... =)

That's us, Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts. =)

The CJ Concert 2010 was a HUGE Success! We couldn't have made it happen without each and everyone of you!

I would like to thank:

- My Team
*Carmen -- One of the main pillars of the concert, co-ordinated 200 pax while helping to maintain operations. Hope you're having a good break now! ^^ We're missing you!

*Clement -- Another pillar of CJ who has been with us from the start, The Big Brother and otherwise known by students and fans as "God". Thank you for stepping up with a self-depracating act. Your few seconds of singing were described by the audience as "ear-mazing"!

*Jojo -- Having to juggle OMG, as well as your classes and your own performances must have been truly challenging. But you always rise to the challenges that I throw you and you never fail to surprise me. You're an inspiration to everyone, myself included. =)

*Sammy -- What would I do without you? You're a pillar not only to everyone at CJ but also to me in more ways than one. Always the silent leader, you led the girls well at OMG and I'm soooooooo proud of you. (just never had a chance to tell you till now.) You're always the one I can count on. I'm sad that you're leaving us but I will start looking forward to your return. Love ya dear..

*Evy -- "Ah Pa" You're new to us but you quickly fit in and found a place as the patriarch of the family. While you may fool us with your boyish demeanour, you're super sweet and caring towards your students and everyone! Always thinking for everyone, it's sometimes good to put yourself first! Welcome to the CJ family and if you don't know by now, we all love you. =)

*Yuzhen - The one who always came to CJ in her Hwa Chong tee and FBT shorts but decided to join the crew via auditions. You're the Gem we uncovered and you're shining even more brightly than ever now. You have endless potential and I hope I can do my part to guide and help you grow. The students love ya and so do we~ =)

*Pat and Clare - God-given mentors to the girls and myself. Great friends and inspirations to all of us. You've been with me ever since I started and have never stopped encouraging me through it all. I cannot thank you guys enough. The Kimchis Love ya~! ^^

*My Amazing Stage Crew - Nicholas, Fabian, Jasmine, Tiffany, Ilyna! The show would have been impossible without you guys! *big hugz*

*CJ Dance Crew 1 - Jess, Fe, Kim, Di, K-tyn - My old-timers who stuck by us, you guys totally rocked the stage. You grow with each time I see you. Am. So. Happy.

Nigel and Josh (the rookie boys), Mas, Ronald (the newbies), Xiao Jo and Jun (OMG Edition) - I see potential and hope you guys can continue to work hard and grow with us!

*CJ Dance Crew 2 - Great job guys! Hoping that all of you can join us for more activities and get more in tune with the CJ culture!

*CJ Singers - Lots more to work on! Am happy I uncovered a girl group amongst ya'll, the veterans did a good job of holding the stage, can't wait to work with all of you more! Am very excited!

*CJ Instructors (Tiffy and Jootz) - Thank you sooooo much for your dedication and for stepping up to support us during the rehearsals and the show! Tiff you did an amazing job managing backstage! THANK YOU BOTH!

CJ Concert Sponsors -

*Teens and Boost who were VERY GENEROUS with their contributions for the concert!
*Punggol CC - Thank you for being so kind and generous with the sponsorship of our rehearsal venues!
*Nature's Republic - Thank you for the generous sponsorship and lovely vouchers as well as the gorgeous Rain standee! He's lighting up the school! ^^
*77th Street - Thank you for the vouchers! Hope the students will have a great time shopping at your outlets!
*DressCulture - Thank you for the lovely dresses! The one that I wore on the day of the concert was also from them! ^^

*D'Artistes - Your performance was amazing! All of you are such an inspiration to all of us! You really bring light into our hearts. Keep rocking the stage! =)

*All the MOMMIES AND DADDIES including my own! You have been so supportive and understanding towards all of us, with our crazy schedules and late nights, so sorry to have made you worry! We hope you all had a great time at the concert!

Last but not least, The CJ Performers:

It's amazing how this concert brought us all closer together. Despite the crazy schedules, last minute-ness cos of OMG (my apologies) you all stood by us, cooperated with us, supported us and gave it your all.

This show and the stage was truly for you and you guys owned it. You all looked every bit the part of the Star that you were supposed to be and I cannot tell you how proud of all of you all your instructors and myself are. =)

The applause I heard that night for all of you was thunderous and when I saw happy, excited faces, I was ecstatic! I saw how all of you took the performances in your stride, walking on stage as if you've been doing this for years, the crazy costume changes didn't faze you, neither did the intimidating fact of not being able to see anything from the stage.

It was truly fantastic. I hope you guys enjoyed the adrenaline and the whole experience. I heard backstage was super happening and I wish I could have been there with all of you. It's really the whole spirit of it all, you guys brought great energy, great attitude and eventually, a great show. =)

I love how something like this just brings everyone together. Facebook is crazy happening now with everyone adding each other and I heard there are parties for the different items.

Lemme see what I can do, I'm hoping to do an after-party for all the performers, most likely in Dec! (after JYP and teenSupreme)

CJ, you guys are such an inspiration to all of us. When you tell us you miss the stage and hope to do it again, it makes all of us wanna work harder to provide that platform for all of you.

So keep singing / dancing and don't give up! Keep working hard to improve and get better as performers! I can't wait to see all of you on stage again. =)

The CJ Concert 2010 has officially come to an end. Thank you everyone. 감사합니다. *bows*

CJ... Hwaiting! 화이팅! 사.랑.해. Love you guys. Can't wait to see all of you at CJ! ^^

Lotsa Love,

PS. Please remember that each performer gets a performer badge! ^^ Remember to get yours from us if you haven't!
*Sorry about the alignment! I don't know how to adjust!
*Credits for photos: To Loke Jun Jie (Guin's friend) and Kim Kim's Mommy! ^^

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