Friday, November 26, 2010

JYP Auditions Mass Training

Hello Everyone~!

Due to overwhelming requests by students, we have decided to offer a Mass Training Workshop for everyone in preparation for their JYP Auditions!

You can choose any of the following days, however, slots are on a 1st come 1st serve basis. The workshop will be conducted by our Director, Celine Jessandra! :)

At only, $20 per pax, per session, you can choose to come for any of the following days!

Weekday: 2nd December --> Thursday 7pm - 8pm (10 slots only)
Weekends: 4th December --> Saturday 8pm - 10pm
5th December --> Sunday 4pm - 6pm

Here're more details on the classes:

1. The Preparatory Workshop is an Open Class concept. Anyone and everyone can come for it.

2. You will need to prepare 3 songs so that Celine can help you select your best song choices. As the audition is only 1 min, prepare your pieces as per the actual audition.

*When selecting songs:
a. Choose songs that you like and will enjoy performing
b. Choose songs that you are comfortable singing / dancing to
c. Choose songs that will bring out your voice / personality best! =)

3. Should all 3 song choices be found unsuitable by Celine, she will then advice you on what songs you can choose for the Audition! ^^

4. Since the audition requires candidates to do a 1min piece, Cel will also advise on the parts to select that will best bring out your voice(s).

5. Since the class is an Open Class concept, if you feel you require more sessions with Cel, you can always choose to come for more than 1 slot! (if there are places available!)

6. Celine will give each student individual attention, so come prepared so that she can view your performance items and vet them!

If you wish to book a slot for the JYP Auditions Mass Training Workshop with Celine Jessandra, please call us at 6524 0702 or email us at to reserve your slots now!


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