Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Celine Jessandra - New Courses to Introduce!

Hello Everyone!!!

Thank you for all the support you have given us throughout year 2010, I hope you had a great start of the new year!

In view of the New Year, we are happy to introduce new and exciting courses to you!

First up, there are slight changes for our Korean Hip Hop class!

a. Here's a short introductory on the changes made to our Korean Hip Hop classes.

- Korean Hip Hop Basic I
Consist of Bounces/Isolations/Waves

- Korean Hip Hop Basic II
Grooving/Styling(Finding styles in dancing)/Controls

- Korean Hip Hop Advance Beginner (Basic III)
(Will be a combination of Basic I and II at a much faster pace)

New Courses

b. Korean Hip Hop Course (Basic 1), taught by Nicholas Phua.

- 8 sessions . $100 . 1hour per session
- Fixed class. (It's not our usual Korean Hip Hop open classes)
- 2 Full Dance Choreography will be taught in the span of 8 sessions.
- No MTV steps will be taught.

We will have 2 classes:

Tuesdays, 5pm.
Fridays, 6pm.

Commencement Date: 11th February 2011

c. We will be introducing New English Hip Hop (Basic 1), taught by Jojo Hung.

- $200 for 2 pax . 10 Sessions . 1 Hour per session . Thursdays 6pm
- Same curriculum as Korean Hip Hop Basic 1.

Commencement Date: 10th February 2011

d. Sing & Dance MTV Class.

This is the new course that I personally am very excited about! Firstly, you will be learning how to sing the song, and you'll be learning the MTV dance step as well!

Vocal techniques will definately be taught in class! By the end of 8 sessions, you'll be able to sing and dance the song!

Here's 4 songs that we will be launching! (I suggest guys to only join the male idol group songs.)

B2ST - Shock

8 Sessions . $150 . 1 Hour per session
Mondays - 7pm - 8pm
Commencement Date: 14th February 2011

SHINee - Hello

8 Sessions . $150 . 1 Hour per session
Sundays - 12pm - 1pm
Commencement Date: 20th February 2011

SNSD - Hoot

8 Sessions . $150 . 1 Hour per session
Thursdays - 7pm - 8pm
Commencement Date: 24th February 2011

Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl

8 Sessions . $150 . 1 Hour per session
Saturdays - 7pm - 8pm
Commencement Date: 19th February 2011

e. MTV classes are getting popular these days, I would like to introduce to you a new style of dance called voguing.

While we have received a lot of support from Kpop, we would like to introduce to you, Mei Ren Ji, made popular by Jolin Tsai. This new style of dance requires flexibility and I am positive students will enjoy learning.

Jolin Tsai - Mei Ren Ji

8 Sessions . $90 . 1 Hour per session
Wednesdays - 7pm - 8pm
Commencement Date: 9th March 2011

Please call us at 6254 0702 to sign up or if you have any queries. Or Email us at aspire@celinejessandra.com with your names, contact nos., and the class you wish to sign up for. Limited Places available.

First come first serve basis only.

Students please note that your slot is only confirmed upon payment.

Look forward to seeing you~! Thank you!

Lots of love,

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