Sunday, February 27, 2011

April MTV Classes Write Up

Super Junior M - Too Perfect

$90 . 8 Sessions . 1 hour

Mondays 8pm – 9pm (Commencement Date: 4th Apr 2011)

Video link to Too Perfect:

TVXQ - Maximum

$90 . 8 Sessions . 1 hour

Thursdays 7pm – 8pm (Commencement Date: 24th Mar 2011)

TVXQ Yunho and Changmin recently made their comeback with their new song, Why? (Keep Your Head Down), along side with this dance track, Maximum. This song was first performed at SMTown Seoul Concert 2010. After their performances on music shows, it has caught many attention from fans. Receiving quite a handful of requests from students to open this MTV class, we're glad to launch it now! The dance is choreographed by Rino Nakasone. Maximum is a heavy beat song accompanied with groovy dance moves. Check out the live performance!

TVXQ - Mirotic

$90 . 8 Sessions . 1 hour

Saturdays 3pm – 4pm (Commencement Date: 16th Apr 2011)

Video link to Mirotic:

Mando Pop Combo: Elva Hsiao & Derrick Hoh - 潇洒小姐 (Miss Chic) + 当我知道你们相爱 (When I Know You're In Love)

$120 . 8 Sessions . 1 hour

Saturdays 4pm – 5pm (Commencement Date: 9th Apr 2011)

Video link to 潇洒小姐 (Miss Chic):

 Video link to 当我知道你们相爱 (When I Know You're In Love):

Miss Chic is Elva Hsiao's latest hit song that potrays girl power. The dance requires a lot of groove and energy. Recently, Derrick Hoh came back after preparing 2 years for this latest album, 当我知道你们相爱 (When I Know You're In Love). This song plays along with one's emotions, the lyrical dance for this song requires controlled movements.

SHINee - Lucifer

$90 . 8 Sessions . 1 hour

Saturdays 5pm – 6pm (Commencement Date: 9th Apr 2011)
Sundays 2pm - 3pm (Commencement Date: 10th Apr 2011)

Video link to Lucifer:

Lucifer is the title song of SHINee's second full length album. Like the song, the main dance moves for the chorus is catchy and addictive. This MV dance involves tutting, botting, and other popping techniques. One of the most popular MV classes in CJ, we're opening another new class due to popular demand!

Show Luo - 独一无二 (Only You)

$90 . 8 Sessions . 1 hour

Saturdays 6pm – 7pm (Commencement Date: 9th Apr 2011)

Show Luo's latest hit song, Only You (独一无二) dance is choreographed by Shaun Evaristo. It's a dance focusing mainly on isolations (head, chest...). This amazing choreography have garnered many attentions from fans, so we've decided to open the class, hoping to break down the dance moves for fans to be able to learn it.

SS501 - Crazy For You

$90 . 8 Sessions . 1 hour

Sundays 4pm – 5pm (Commencement Date: 17th Apr 2011)

Video link to Crazy for You:

Please call us at 6254 0702 to sign up or if you have any queries. Or Email us at with your names, contact nos., and the class you wish to sign up for. Limited Places available.

First come first serve basis only.

Students please note that your slot is only confirmed upon payment.

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