Thursday, April 07, 2011

One Vision. 4.5 Years of Belief. 5 Breaths Held. 30 Hearts on Stage Tonight. An Eternal Legacy.

E-Awards: Our Experience...

Got our passes the night before when we headed down to the Indoor Stadium to check out the stage. =) Headed back to CJ to do some last minute changes / rehearsals / finalize outfits and before we knew it..

The Day of our Performance! Everyone reported at the stadium at 930am to prep for our rehearsal. 

CJ Big Brothers having a sweet moment chatting. =)
On stage doing blocking with Clare! ^^
Back at our dressing room, chilling after briefing. 
Catching up on the news... (while waiting for lunch!)
Curbing our hunger by pretending to eat each other.. hur hur

And then it was time to get ready! Our Bboy - Hams!

Making sure outfits are in place. =)
Discussing moves and making sure everyone's in sync.
Dinner! Thank you organizers! ^^
Munching last minute while waiting for hair and make up to be done! 

Doing our last run through before the show!

Call time! 
Left Wing dancers doing last min. rehearsals. 
Backstage (Right-wing)! Excited and Anticipating our turn to go on while waiting for other opening acts to perform. =)

                       Credits: Mr. William Tan (photos)

It was over too soon! The audiences' cheers and screams sent chills down our (crew) spines. We knew that the amazing support that they gave was what made the performers give their best! Everyone enjoyed themselves and the adrenaline was incredible!

Backstage, while on the way back to our dressing room we were stopped by security. The artistes were going in one by one on the red carpet! And right before our eyes, Se7en was waiting for his turn! =) 
Decided to goof around while waiting.. 
Group shot: CJ Love! ^^

 If you missed the performance, here it is: 

Credits: onkeyloves

                             Credits: YuLeBang

[Press Feature] CJ featured on and 晚报  Wan Bao under SpeShow Segment of E-Awards! =) 

[Press Feature] CJ Performance at E-Awards on

To watch, please click: CJ E-Awards Performance!

[Press Feature] CJ featured in Malaysian Paper - China Press
To read the full article: China Press CJ Article

It was a wonderful experience and we would like to thank all the organizers for giving us the opportunity to do the show! Thank you for being so patient and supportive towards us! We would like to thank all our supporters who cheered for us! We hope you all enjoyed the performance! 

Thank you! ^^ *bows*

Love <3, 

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