Friday, June 03, 2011

CJ turns 5 - Cel's Message. =)

Celine Jessandra 5th Anniversary - Today My Life Begins: Dreams

Hello Everyone,

In a rather pensive mood today and I thought it would be nice to share some of my thoughts with you...

Thinking back, we've come a long way and I cannot thank each and every student, crew, staff (The CJ Family) enough to know that each of you believed in CJ to take the first step to be with us and I know many of you have been with us for years. It's incredible and each day till now, everything feels so so surreal to me.

Having seen all my young ones grow, from students who came in with no expectations, only hoping to try singing and dancing, to them sharing their dreams with me, to seeing them all take to the stage, this feeling - hits me straight in my heart and it's this that keeps me going each day.

This year, it's a special year for us. =)

CJ turns 5.

Starting CJ, I wanted to show everyone, that we must believe in our young and their dreams. The little bit that I do for my young ones, are nothing compared to the changes I see in them.

"Just a pebble in the water.
 Can stir the widest ocean.
 If we show a little love.
 Heaven knows what we could change." - Make a Wave

All the support and belief given to me, allowing me to build that one dream of mine, one student at a time. We've come so far in making it happen, thank you for this incredible journey and for walking with me. =)

Jojo at K-Pop Competition 2008 rehearsal
CJ Artiste, Jojo wins K-Pop Talent 2008!

CJ with Last For One crew!
Sam and Lyn goofing after a performance!
Celebrating a crew member's birthday~
CJ Performance - Wild Eyes 2008

CJ Crew performing "Can't help but wait" 2009

CJ Crew at Campus Reunion Concert 

Japan Training with Studio Producers~! 2009
CJ in Japan with Cel's Nihon Papa~! ^_^ 2009
CJ's Nobody Girls~!

Duet at CJ 3rd Anniversary Concert 2009


CJ Concert 2009 Finale

OKTO channel filming for "Hannah Montana Hoedown"
CJ Open House! CJ Crew chilling!   
CJ Family (Crew and students) at National Day Observance Ceremony Performance! 
CJ Crew at One Moment of Glory Mediacorp Channel 5 Talent Competition
CJ 4th Anniversary Concert, The Audience. =)
CJ's Little Ones lighting up the stage with their Smiles. =)
CJ students performing! 
CJ students, our Stars! 
D'Artiste performers. A group of dancers with down syndrome. Very very inspirational. Our Guest performers for the concert. =) 
Take a bow darlings. =)
CJ Crew at Singapore Entertainment Awards 2011
CJ Crew 2008.
CJ Crew (Girls Only) 2011. =)

Thank you for walking with us throughout these past 5 years. We hope you'll continue walking with us.. 
This year, to celebrate CJ turning 5, we hope you'll join us in looking forward to our Anniversary Concert. =) Just know that we're with you along the way as you work towards your dreams. This year, we hope to send out the message to everyone, to believe, to dare to dream, to strive towards making it happen. 

Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts' 5th Anniversary Concert - "Today My Life Begins - Dreams."

See ya there. =)
(*Details to be revealed in due time. =)

CJ Artiste, Jojo with her choreography to Bruno Mars' "Today My Life Begins"

Celine (3rd June 2011)

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