Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mnet's Show Filming - SHINee Special @ CJ!

On 11th September 2011, The Mnet Crew came to CJ to film their SHINee special for an episode of "Boom The K-Pop!". 
This time round, we were really happy to be able to include our students in the filming process!

The filming started around 12pm, and it marked the beginning of our long but exciting day! 

Kpop Vocal Class Segment!

It started off with a simple interview with some of the students, as well as snippets of our Korean Vocal classes!

Love Shoutout to SHINee & Boom The K-Pop!

CJ Crew and students showing their love for SHINee!


Preparing to head offsite for an outdoor filming at Velocity for the SHINee Dance Battle! We would like to specially thank Velocity for making the location available for our shoot! ^^

Part 2

SHINee Dance Battle Start!

Participants waiting for their turn! ^^


Kudos to our students who were able to come up with a dance item, under less than a week! ^^


Students from our SHINee Replay class! ^^



Congratulations to the Top 5 Groups! Neon, Tara, Dapcinaise, R.T.S and B2B!

SHINee Autographed Shirt!

Congratulations to the Winner, B2B! They walked away with a SHINee Autographed T-shirt! 

SHINee Autographed Poster!

The other 4 groups snagged themselves prizes too! A SHINee Autographed Poster for each of the group! ^^

SHINee Quiz Time! CJ students! Does this place look familiar to you? Haha~

Bibigo Dinner provided by the Mnet Crew! Love the pretty packaging!

CJ Crew Boys with the Mnet Crew! ^^

The filming only ended at around 8pm! It was successful, and a big thank you goes out to everyone of you who made this possible! It must have been tiring to film the whole day but we really hope the CJ students and Crew peeps enjoyed the filming!

Lots of Love,

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