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[DanceThon 2012] Dancing All Night @ KPOP Before the Dawn 2012

KPOP Before the Dawn 2012

Date: 13th - 14th October

The first ever of its kind, Celine Jessandra was involved with organizing an overnight KPOP dance event, as part of a 24-hour Dance Marathon organized by the People's Association!

We were very happy to have invited CJ students, as well as members of the public to join us in this very exciting event!

It was great seeing many families and friends coming together. Some of the parents brought their kids along, while some of the younger ones brought their parents along! 

We've always believed that performing arts is a passion, an activity that can and should be shared between everyone! It was really great to see so many young ones and seniors share the dance floor, dancing their hearts out!

A big thank you goes out to the all of you who took the time up to join us despite it being an overnight event! It wasn't easy trying to fight the snooze monster throughout the night, but we're glad most of you did end up enjoying your 7 hours dancing till the dawn!  

Guest Instructor Deoksher flew in from Korea to join us and it was great seeing the awesome reception given to him by everyone there. In fact, many queued up for about 30 minutes just to take a photo with him at the end! 

We'd like to thank all the teams in the TOP OF THE POPS dance competition for taking part in this inaugural event, as well as our young darling, Kimberly Chia for helping to judge at this event!

I think at the end of it all, we at CJ are extremely appreciative to every one of you who helped made this event a successful one.
We've also received plenty of positive feedback from all of you that we should host another event like this again!

I hope all of you enjoyed the popcorn, cotton candy and airbrush tattoos! :D

Now let's get to some pictures!!

Fantastic and Tireless crowd who danced with us from 11pm - 530am! 

Participants enjoying the Masterclass by Korean Instructor Deoksher~

Introducing our judges for the night! Left to Right: Kimberly Chia, Celine Jessandra Lin, Deoksher and his Translator, our lovely Rachel!

 The group A-boys decking it out on stage for TOP OF THE POPS 2012

 Solo Contestant Felicia with her item~

All contestant gather for a final shot! Congratulations to Winners SWAGirls! - standing row, centre

Food galore~! Free flow food and drinks for all! The Crew manning the food booth all night!

Bread sponsored by Barcook Bakery~ Hottest food item all night!

Cotton Candy anyone?

Participants battling it out for the title of Winning Eleven Champion!

 Deoksher posing in front of the really awesome looking event logo :D

One last time for the camera! Participants who stayed throughout the night take another photo with Deoksher!

CJ's Jojo Hung with Deoksher~ 
CJ Family with Deoksher! ^_^ 

Sending Deoksher off~ =(

Deoksher's 2 lovely hosts!!!! 
Having fun at the airport before his flight! 
Deoksher 1, the Original Deoksher and Deoksher 2. =P

Naughty CJ Boys imitating Deoksher with Charles the LAUGHING (literally!) gor laughing at them. Haha~
Deoksher wanted to take one last group photo~
Thank you Deoksher for joining us for this event and thank you everyone for all the love and support you've been giving us!

We'll continue to work hard and serve you better! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to journey with you so far! It's been our pleasure to serve all of you. =)

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