Thursday, November 01, 2012

Esplanade Da:ns Festival: K-Pop 2012

A BIG Thank You to everyone for coming down to support us during our Esplanade Da:ns Festival Performance! 

We were really touched and so so happy to see so many familiar faces! Thank you so much Mommies and Daddies, CJ students, friends, families and fans of the CJ Crew for taking the time to come down, despite the fact that our segment started so late. =) 

This is the 2nd year that we've been invited by Esplanade to be part of their wonderful Da:ns Festival - aimed at spreading the passion for dance as well as introducing and educating the public to various dance genres. 

It is such a meaningful event and I would just like to share with you my thoughts on the whole experience. =)

During one of the teaching segments, one of the Esplanade staff excitedly pulled me aside to see an elderly gentleman in his (I'm guessing) 70s, dancing to "Bounce - JJProject" He was gushing about how wonderful it was to see EVERYONE (the gentleman in particular, given his age) dancing and that was exactly the whole aim of this event. We both stood watching the gentleman in silence, our hearts bursting with happiness and warmth! 

Over the years, we've been working hard to spread our love for the performing arts and we are very thankful that more and more first-timers have started dancing, due to the catchy pop tunes and moves of K-Pop! 

What was even more heart-warming, was seeing parents of students come forward to dance with us, as well as turn up for our performances and events to support their children. I can honestly tell you I am constantly being reduced to an (almost) teary state, when I see the smiles and proud faces of parents AND the happy grins and confidence exuding from my kids. 

The performing arts is such a wonderful platform and catalyst in bringing families closer and in getting everyone more active and on their feet! 

Pics galore! Here goes! =)

CJ Crew rehearsing under the scorching heat!
Everyone's wilting under the sweltering heat, only the Captain's having fun! -looks at Jojo (centre pink with blue checked shirt around waist)-
Macho (wo)men!
Rehearsal Photos: All Unedited! Loving the colours!
Behind-the-scenes: Eric. The only person I know who will sit down while buying from a vending machine.
FYI: His multiple attempts to purchase coffee failed, hence, he decided to sit down while continuing his coffee purchase. =)
Behind-the-scenes: Getting ready for the Show!
Behind-the-scenes: Nanny and Eric! ^_^
Behind-the-scenes: Carmy (Nanny) and Delwyn (Del Del)!
The Crowd before the start of the show! =)
Only One: Nigel and Xiao Jo
Getting into the mood for "Only One"

Our Girls! 

Teaching segment with our Instructors - Yujin (Left) and Jojo! "Gangnam Style"!
Korean Hip Hop Performance
Korean Hip Hop Teaching Segment with a little help from their fellow Crew members!
#Teamwork #CJLove

Tired, Flushed but Happy faces. You deserve the applause my little ones~ You've worked hard! Check out Alton (front row with cap) he happily came back to help out with the show even though he couldn't perform. #CJLove

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did! ^_^ Thank you for your constant support! We will continue to work hard. 

Here are the performance videos! Enjoy~!

We Sing. We Dance. We Love. 



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