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Check out some of the most Frequently Asked Questions by our students in this section! 
Vocals, Dance, Sing & Dance, here is every question you want answered!

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I have no experience in singing or dancing. Will I be able to join your classes?
Of course! We have classes catered to suit the various student levels. If you've never sing or danced before, you might need a session or two in order to get used to the momentum of the class!

I have no experience in dancing. What classes do you recommend?
We have primarily 2 categories of classes available for students [Open Class / Coursed Based Classes]. 

In Open Classes, students focus more on techniques, which they will learn to apply via the instructor's choreography in every class. 

In Course-based Classes, students can choose introductory workshops, or our very popular MV classes!

Introductory workshops work to teach basics within a 4 - 6 session course, while MV Classes teaches you the MV routine according to the song!

Can you tell me more about the MV classes? :)
For students that would like to learn steps of their favourite artistes, MV classes would be your best choice! Class difficulty differs from song to song, but anything between 1 - 3 stars will be okay for students with little to no background in dance! 

You are of course welcome to join classes of increased difficulty even if you have only little experience in dancing! It might be more challenging, but that's where practice comes in!

What should we wear, or prepare for dance classes?
Wear something loose and comfortable that you can stretch in! In certain cases, the instructor might request for the students to wear certain accessories like heels or caps as well!

Bring along a towel, and a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated and dry during and after class!

I have no experience in singing. What classes do you recommend?
For new singers, we encourage them to try out the Introductory or Basic Classes! Both classes teaches vocal fundamentals, with Intro Class focusing more on an exploratory perspective to singing, while Basic will engage in more of an application style.

What kind of songs can we sing in the vocal classes? Any language restrictions?
As our vocal classes focus on technique-based learning [for beginners], you are welcome to choose any songs you might like to learn for class! However, the instructors might offer suggestions and advice on song choices based on your vocal quality!

Generally, or students revolve around English, Mandarin, Korean and Japanese songs, so you're free to do so as well!

I'm interested in signing up for some of the classes! What should I do?
For reservation of classes, simply drop us an email or call at our hotlines with your name, contact number, and number of persons you're registering for!

Remember to register your interest with us for all of the classes so we can notify you of any changes or updates before the class commences! We will be unable to notify you of changes if you are not in our reservation lists :( 

How does the payment method work? Can we pay on the first session of class?
As our MV classes are the one of most popular courses here (and around!), we require all students to make their payment for the full course once classes are confirmed! This is to confirm their slots in the respective classes, as we do end up having a waiting list!

If a students fails to confirm his / her slot for the class, the slot will be given to the next person on the waiting list! This is to keep the process fair for all our students to have equal priority for our classes! 

For your convenience, you can choose to make your payments via i-Banking, ATM Transfer, or at our studios!


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