Monday, February 25, 2013

Singing with Celine Jessandra - Vocal Cover Teaser

We are extremely proud to present CJ's first Vocal Cover Teaser!

The seniors at Celine Jessandra decided to get together to do up an impromptu singing video to showcase the syllabus we employ here at Celine Jessandra!

Whether it's Korean, Mandarin, English, Japanese, you can sing it all right here at CJ!

Having worked to incorporate a singing system that is focused on key techniques, we believe that that our syllabus can, and will help you to overcome any song, regardless of languages, or style!

A syllabus unique to us, learn to maximise your vocal ability, greatly increase your range, and polish up your singing skills easily and quickly!

This time round, we did up a series of short teasers featuring CJ's very own Alton, Sophia, Erena and Clement, doing a mixture of Korean, Mandarin and English songs! 

If you've always been interested in picking up singing lessons, but didn't know where to, there's no better time to do so here with us!

Our vocal course has never been more exciting! Our upcoming "Open Mic Night" at CJ will also see all our vocal students have to opportunity to showcase their newly acquired singing skills

You'll have to join us if you love to sing, just as much as us!

We Sing. We Dance. We Love. 
And today we sang ^^
~CJ Family~    

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