Monday, March 25, 2013

CJ on board SuperStar Virgo for Korean Month of March!

We're back after a weekend away on SuperStar Virgo! It was a truly different experience from our past performances! Being able to perform to a holidaying crowd and an international audience, the crew had lots of fun singing, dancing and not forgetting eating all the yummy food on board the ship!

Our Rehearsals were done on an open deck on the ship and it was an amazing feeling singing and dancing, watching the ship sail, the waters moving and having the wind in your face. 

We were very thankful for the amazing crowd that came to support us during our various performances at different locations all around the ship! The ship passengers who recognized us throughout the trip and were generous in giving our performers their kind words of encouragement! Thank you! ^_^ 

Some behind the scenes shots. =) 

The Gorgeous Endless Waters~

The Crew after their performance at The Lido
Post Breakfast Rehearsals at The Piazza

After their Galaxy of the Stars!
Boys at The Galaxy of the Stars. ^_^

Having fun after our last performance! 
CJ Cruise Performers "Aegyo~" 
Be Cool.
Cruise Performers with Jolene (Their Cordi Noona / Unni for the trip!)

The Crew had a very exciting Basketball match on our last night~! We have quite a few basketballers in the crew and I thought the boys were pretty good! So nice to watch them on the court! A very refreshing change in contrast to seeing them on stage. Our girls joined in and took some pretty good shots as well! (But the Bball game turned out to be more like Netball after that. =P) Perhaps we should have a sports day weekend Crew and Students! What do you guys think? =)

Star Cruises' Newsletter - K-Pop Weekend on board SuperStar Virgo! 

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