Thursday, May 02, 2013

Somemore Classes Coming Your Way!

F(x), SHINee and 4 Minute are back with catchy new tunes guaranteed to get you up and dancing! We are also revisiting F(x)'s older song Chu~ , SHINee's Ring Ding Dong and having our very first EVOL class! Oh and don't forget! Sign up for any of our MV classes and enjoy 5 open classes at $30, this month only, at Celine Jessandra!

4 Minute - What's Your Name
$80, 6 sessions
Mondays 8pm - 9pm (Commencing 20th May 2013)
Saturdays 1pm - 2pm (Commencing 25th May 2013)

F(x) - Chu~
$100, 8 sessions
Thursdays 7pm- 8pm
Commencing 23rd May 2013

SHINee - Ring Ding Dong
$100, 8 sessions
Fridays 8pm - 9pm
Commencing 24th May 2013

EXO - Run 'n' Gun
$45, 3 sessions
Saturdays 5pm - 6pm
Commencing 18th May 2013

T-ara - Countryside Diary
$80 , 6 sessions
Sundays 4pm - 5pm
Commencing 26th May 2013

SHINee - Why So Serious
$100, 8 sessions
Sundays 5pm - 6pm
Commencing 26th May 2013

EVOL - We Are a Bit Different
$80, 6 sessions
Sundays 6pm - 7pm
Commencing 26th May 2013

Please feel free to call us at 6254 0702 to sign up or if you have any queries, or email us at with your names, contact numbers and the class you wish to sign up for! Limited Places Available!

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