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When it comes to singing, you can really tell how good of a singer someone is when it comes to live performances. In the days of awesome technology, many are resorting to stuff such 'LIVE AUTOTUNE' to make them sound way better than they actually are! And that's outside of a recording studio!

Competitions however are a different story. No autotune. No lip syncing. Just simply, who can be triumphant at the end of it all. Plus, singers in a competitive setting are encouraged to leave it all on the stage, leaving nothing to chance and taking all steps to ensure you've impressed in that meagre 3 - 5 minutes you've got. 

we sing. we sang. we sung. 

Now, having been a vocal instructor for over six years and counting, here are my 5 ridiculously good vocal performances done by various contestants or singers! I tried to put in representatives from the different shows, so you guys can get a good feel of the different competitions around the globe!

And in no particular order...


American Idol Season 9

I was debating a long time whether or not to include this in my list. After all, to be honest, there have been more impressive vocal feats as performed by singers such as Pia Toscano, Adam Lambert, or Elliot Yamin. I'm a little biased. 

Taking a song and "making it your own" is never an easy feat. More often than not, we find ourselves simply imitating the style of the original singer. 

In this instance, Andrew takes the universally known Chris Brown Hiphop hit, and spins it on its head. The amazing thing is that the lyrics totally fits the ballad style he engages, and to great effect. It became a song you could totally use to serenade your loved ones, without needing to dance like a doofus to Brown's Hiphop beat. 

Remember, it's often hard to sing a song better than the original singer. Range wise, it's even harder to hit some of the insane notes that singers of today are doing. What we can do, is put our own little spin and make it a refreshing sound. 

Youtube Andrew Garcia and have a listen to his other 'remixed' songs. You'll be impressed!



X Factor US Season 1

Many will say Carly Rose, was the best young talent ever to appear on the X Factor. She's definitely talented in her own way, but there's just something in Crow's performance here that simply blows me away. 

There's just a sense of raw aggression and emotion that comes from then then 12-year old, that gives me goosebumps. Maybe Carly Rose is a little too polished for my liking. 

In any case, youth is an important factor when it comes to shows like this. No one expects a 12 year old to sing like that under normal circumstances. As sad as it takes me to admit, I almost did a Nicole Scherzinger there. 


The Voice China 

The first time I heard about The Voice heading over to China, it took me a little by surprise. If you watch China talent shows, you do realise that they are generally very encouraging and non-brutal, unlike their western counterparts. 

Can they churn out crazy talents by being Ms. Goody-two-shoes? The 2 above are examples of what you've missed if you didn't catch this show. They took a sappy ballad by Karen Mok, and turned it into a powerful, rich rendition. 

Lee Daimo (the Guy) has a gentleness about his voice that shows a nice subtleness and frailty. Zheng Hong, touted as the asian Adele, starts out a little shaky, but really gets into her groove later on, with a more aggresive approach, and boy do the 2 styles complement each other nicely. 


The Voice US 

Seriously. How do you / can you even eliminate someone after a performance like this. Both Campbell and Evans put up a vocal masterpiece, and the amount of technical precision is C-R-A-Z-Y even for a technique nut like myself. 

Sometimes, you don't even need to explain much. Just have a listen and prepare to be floored. 


I am a Singer

Okay. I'm slightly cheating with this one, with The One (yeah that's really his stage name) already being a singer and this not being a totally amateur competition. This Korean Singing variety show however, pits various established singers against one another, sort of like a more mature version of 'Immortal Song'

But I simply had to get this video to you guys somehow. 

Every single time I hear this song, which I put on repeat in my trusted iPod, I get the chills. The amount of control he puts in is simply... astounding. Listen to the big contrasts across each part of the songs, and it's as if he's telling his story, equipped with the introduction going to the climax and then with a resounding ending. WOW. I weep. 

Plus he's the vocal teacher of Taeyeon, so he's got to have some props. 


There you have it. My 5 awesome singing vids. Know of any other awesome vocal performances? Share them with us right here! Work hard. Sing harder. 

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