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[EVENT] Our Date with Jay Chou

08 . 06 . 13

Jay's Opening Item. All photo credits of Celine Jessandra. 

When it comes to MEGA-concerts, no one does it better than the man himself. At his OPUS JAY World Tour Singapore leg yesterday, Jay celebrated his 12th year in the industry by putting up a show filled with visual effects, crazy theatrics, plus tons, and I mean tons of confetti. 

Take the jump with us and see how the concert went down!

Each set was an intricately put together concept
The concert kicked off emphatically, with a CG-laden introduction, much like something you'd see off a Transformers Movie. 

We were lucky enough to snag VIP tickets, which meant we had seats in the second row - thanks to a CJ Crewmember :)

One great thing being so near the stage, was that you could literally feel the music when the concert started. The thumping of the bass with his opening song sent hearts racing across the Indoor Stadium. Taking into consideration how near we were the speakers, multiply that by 10!

Looking around the Indoor Stadium, you could see a sea of pink light up the stadium, and boy you knew you were in for a great night. 

Jay's eight-pack saying hi. 
If anything, OPUS JAY 2013 spared no expense in the effects department. 

Right off the bat, we witnessed at least 4 pyro explosions in the first set. This was followed by flamethrowers at the front of the stage, which was strong enough for us to feel the heat!

After the first set of high energy songs was over, Jay took time to talk to the audience in the house, and shared exclusive details about his new movie - The RooFTop, his second directorial debut. 

You could tell that fatigue was setting in after his 3rd consecutive show when he talked. His voice was slightly hoarse after hitting all the impossibly high notes.  

This was quickly followed by a musical-style song set, straight off his latest movie, that saw special appearances from his proteges Cindy 袁詠琳  and one of the male leads from 南拳妈妈

Wearing outfits of his character in the movie, it was a little preview in what we could expect from his new show. Technical errors threw us off slightly however, as the headset microphones were way too unbalanced across the different singers. 

The really HUGE TV screen by the left of the stadium also chose to malfunction at this time unfortunately (which then shut off for about 30 minutes or so). HOW ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO SING WITHOUT THE ON SCREEN LYRICS!

Jay and Cindy sharing a duet. The backdrop had CG graphics from his latest movie "The RooFTop"

A really shiny guitar and Jay. 
The third act quickly followed when Jay appeared with a guitar and belted out some of his earlier hits like 晴天 and 一路向北 and that was when the crowd really kicked into gear. 

Singing along, you could hear the audiences' voices fill the arena. Quickly enough the set ended, and we were soon introduced to the best of Jay. 

Rising beneath the centre platform, Jay appeared with a customized piano. The Jay we all came to love began his ballad segment with songs like 世界末日 and 安静

A little far comparatively, with the pesky cameraman.
While the songs were great, and by great I mean awesome, those in the first few rows were quite unable to see him in his element, even after standing up. The BIG screen at this point was still down, which meant I saw mostly glimpses of him, even though you could hear he was right there, which was the biggest pity for us for the night. 

Jay was being his normal cheeky self, and naturally fitted words like "Singapore" and "I Love You" together, which brought the loud screams each and every time. 

The next set saw Jay show up in a leather ensemble, but unfortunately, I couldn't remember what songs he did during this set. :(

Strutting it out with Zombies
The 6th set visited Jay's niche songs, you know the ones with the infusion of Classic chinese instruments and flavour. He was flanked on both sides by dancers dressing like zombies, and muscular man who engaged each other in a sword fight. 

I almost forgot how Jay has started incorporating dancing into his songs, when he started doing choreographed steps alongside his dancers. Make me wonder if there is anything Jay hasn't or can't do. He even beatboxed later that night during the encore segment. 

Across the 3 nights, Jay sang totally different songs all night. Good way to get your fans try to attend all 3 shows! In any case, this would have been a great time to sing favorites like 菊花台 but it was cool seeing different facets of Jay as we progressed through the concert. 

The 7th set (and we're only about two-thirds through at this point), saw his more recent persona take the stage, which was in his cowboy-inspired get up no less. 

He shared the stage with some of his band members who doubled as his acapella back up. After a quick session, we saw a reappearance of his guitar as he took his seat in the centre of stage.

Once again, ballad Jay came back with other favorites, and did a mashup medley with songs such as 星晴 and 回到過去.  

At this point, we soon found ourselves facing the last set in the OPUS JAY concert. 

The highlight of the last segment was a special segment which used computer effects to showcase his Sing & Dance segment. Some precision timing by Jay saw effects appear at his beck and call, which I have to admit was pretty cool. 

As usual, he ended his concerts with his signature song 開不了口. Jay thanked his Singapore fans, but of course that wasn't the end!

His goodbyes was probably for the DVD segment or something, but we moved on to the ENCORE segment!

The high octane songs were back in free flow, and decked in a colorful jacket with lime green harem pants, Jay ended the night on a high as a mass of confetti started spraying from ALL directions. 

I swear the spraying of confetti went on for a full 10 minutes, and from somewhere, 5 or 6 Giant Rubber Balls appeared and started bouncing around the arena. We got hit a few times in the head, but it was all in the name of fun. 
The OPUS JAY Concert in total ran from 8PM till 10:40PM, even though it felt way quicker than that.

Looking back, I can see why many people are still madly in Love with C-POP and Jay in particular. Look up twitter about Jay Chou and you'll find many people having Concert withdrawal symptoms, and also listening to his songs all over again. 

The King of C-POP definitely showed he still has his props. Let's look forward to another awesome 12 years of Jay-goodness. - Clem


Stunning visual effects, Great run time, It's Jay Chou for goodness sake!
Technical errors were a little disappointing at times.
Hell Yeah!


Celine Jessandra said...

I was not allowed to blog about our night with Jie Lun as it would appear to be too biased and it was decided that Clement would do it instead. =P

I love Jie Lun.

Many of us grew up with his songs accompanying a different memory, facet of our lives along the way. From the moment he exploded on the music scene, he won his way into everyone's hearts. Not just the ladies, but perhaps even more so with the guys.

Every concert or performance that I've been to, I get overwhelmed and enveloped in a huge tidal wave of vocal emotions by the loud, heart-felt, fervent singing of all the guys around me.
Bellowing their hearts out with Jie Lun as if he was the only one who understood them.

Singing from the perspective of a boy-next door, sentimental, filial and a hopeless romantic, his songs instantly became the anthem of everyone's life stories.

Watching him, I loved how he switches so easily between the different songs. Energetic and teasing for the fast numbers, and in the next moment, he is completely immersed in a heart-wrenching ballad. Watching him up-close, I swooned at how he had a slight furrow of the brow, with slightly closed eyes as he sat playing the piano, singing his heart out. (I melt.)

One of my absolute favourite moments, was when he stood with his guitar right in front of us. After talking to the audience for a bit, he said "话还是用音乐来表达最好." (It's always better to express how you feel through music)

For the night, he sealed his place in my heart with "我会唱到我不能唱为止。“

Love music, Love Jay.

Love, CJ

Anonymous said...

I Just listen to Jay Chou's songs 2 years ago and start from The era world tour 2010 DVD,which I got from CD shop while find some good stuff from korean concert ,,but something inside my head told me to got his lasy one DVD. After I have seen that DVD I became his fan.

C.Garcia said...

Hello Anonymous 1,

Great to hear you're a Jay Fan like most of us over here, and we too agree that we love KPOP too! But it's true there's something about Jay that makes us love him for over 12 years right! :D