Monday, July 15, 2013

[Event Feature] Celine Jessandra's CJ Crew Racial Harmony Day 2013 Performances

The CJ Crew were invited to be part of this year's Racial Harmony Day 2013 celebrations at Nee Soon. With Guest-of-Honour, Dr. Lee Bee Wah, the whole event was merry, festive and a whole lot of fun! With a lot of fringe activities taking place simultaneously, we were excited to be the opening act for the invited Guests and residents. 

CJ Crew, pre-show. Prepping. 
Big turnout for Racial Harmony celebrations at Nee Soon!

                                      Showtime. =) Crowd looks on in anticipation~                                            

CJ Vocalists opening with 2NE1's "I Don't Care"

Watch their Performance here! ^_^

                              CJ Crew boys ready to rock the stage.                                
CJ Crew girls doing their thing.
Watch their Sing and Dance Performance here!

Show's Over and what does the Crew do? 

#Fact: The CJ Crew can have fun anywhere, as long as they're together. =) 

Thank you~ Thank you. It was such a heart-warming feeling to see familiar faces in the midst of the crowd. Knowing that so many of you came all the way down just to show them your support, the CJ Crew and Management are thankful and feeling truly loved. =) 

We hope you enjoyed the performances yesterday! Rockin' out! 

Celine Jessandra - We Sing. We Dance. We Love. 

Post-Performance and a Happy CJ Crew!  


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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed watching both vids:) Had a good laugh espy over the cameo appearances from the audience featured unexpectedly in the vid
...Ah Mah looked really 'trapped' during the sing and dance by the boys and Ah Gong really came out when the girls sang 'We bring the boys out'!!!
Love the song line-ups and CJ crew's performance, good job!