Tuesday, January 01, 2013


    Prefer the flexibility of deciding your own class content, as well as more 
    personalized attention? Then why not arrange a private teaching 
    session with the instructors here at Celine Jessandra?

    Whether it's Dance, Vocals, or 'Sing & Dance' Classes you're looking 
    for, our private classes will ensure that sessions with you are catered to 
    your preferred and suitable abilities!

    Create your own class content by sharing with us what you would 
    like to learn! 

    For Dance, you can choose to learn a particular K-POP, C-POP or 
    J-POP MV's step, focus on basic techniques, or even if you're just 
    looking to an introductory experience into the dance form!

    For Vocals, you can use private classes to prepare for auditions
    competitions, or simply have a class that is primarily geared towards 
    your own learning curve! Focusing on aspects such as techniques or 
    groove? We can cater for that as well!

    Private Classes are also suitable for groups who would like to form 
    their own private classes for events such as School Performances
    Company DnDs, Wedding Performances, etc! 

    So long as you need to put up a Dance or Vocal item, we can work 
    out a package that can help you throughout your preparations!


Interested to set up a Private Class for yourself or your friends? Call us at 6254 0702, or e-mail to singanddance@celinejessandra.com for more details on our private packages!

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