Tuesday, October 29, 2013


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After receiving many requests and suggestions for our students to include an alternative repackaged version of our Overseas Training Program, we're duly obliging!

INTRODUCING THE PACKAGE "B"!: Fly and Stay your own Way! 

It's been a ridiculously crazy travel month, and you might know that air tickets this year are insanely hard to come by! 

We're still retaining the option for students to travel with us more comfortably via our original package HERE, but we understand that many wouldn't mind flying on alternative flights instead! 

Hence, you can simply attain your own tickets at a cheaper price via airlines like Scoot, as well as seek locations such as guesthouses or alternative hotels

You'll be able to enjoy the flexibility in allocating your budget, and dates to what you'd prefer. This is what we'll be arranging for you:

     - 6 Hour Dance Training 
      [4 Hours with Korean Instructor / 2 Hours with Japanese Instructor]
     - 6 Hour Vocal Training 
      [with Climix Academy] [small group 5 - 6 pax]
     - Vocal Studio Recording [Take Home CD]
     - Official Certification
     - Translators during Trainings
     - *Live Studio Recordings [In Negotiations for Tickets!]

Program Dates: 18th / 19th / 20th / 21st / 22nd December

PRICE: $1,200

Afraid of being alone, or not having anyone to travel with? Well, let us know and we can pair you up with other fellow students! Also, we've already confirmed alternative accommodations where they'll be staying so you can join them! Plus you'll be spending most of the days together with us, so you'll have nothing to worry about! 

We've already listed airfare for as low as $800+ plus accomodation for about $400+, which means you can still enjoy the same training perks for lower than $2,500 if you act fast!

We'll be happy to help you address any travelling concerns, or help you out with scouting great alternative should you have any! Get more value with the Package "B"!

~ CJ Staff: Always happy to serve you! :)

Drop us an email at clement@celinejessandra.com or call us at 6254 0702 for more information! 

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