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In December 2013, a motley crew comprising of students and crew members of Celine Jessandra took a little trip to the faraway land of Seoul, Korea. 

Group 1 getting ready to Jet Off~!
Another Group Jetting Off a few Days Later~!
Stacked with layers of coats and jackets to battle the -10 degree weather, they were all in and ready to take on the revered vocals and dance classes the land of K-POP had to offer!

This time round, the participants got to work with renowned dance coaches Yang Byung Jik, and Yuko Nakamura, who flew in from Japan specially for this trip! On the vocals side, we once again headed to the very awesome CLIMIX Academy to sing our hearts out!

Coupled with the beautiful sights & sounds, food & shopping, the 10 day program turned out exactly as exciting as it sounds!

Ready to relive the moments with us? Take the jump with us right now!


What's going to Korea without sampling the awesome food! Street Food, Traditional Dishes, Fried Chicken... thankfully we could dance later on to burn of those calories~

Beef Seaweed Soup courtesy of our Hotel~
Abalone as a side dish~ ^_^
Beef Goulash from the acclaimed 'Bloom and Gaute' Cafe!
Spicy Tornado Chips in the snow~

Who doesn't love winter in a foreign country during the Christmas Period! With unique places such as the Trickeye Museum, endless shopping in Dong Dae Mun, and even colourful characters along the streets of Myeong Dong, no one wanted to come back!

The Giant Monstrosity at Myeong Dong~
Jojo getting cuddly with the Cat Cafe's Mascot
MJ gets a High Five from Iron Man at SPAO~
Kelly and her Swan Lake impersonation!
Piranha 3D brought to Life~
Pick a winner: Who does it best? 
Fun & Games aside, we knew the crux of the trip was for the training with the various instructors! Clocking between 12 - 20 hours of classes, not including the very cool vocal studio recording, the participants were left feeling inspired after the various sessions! 

Yang Byung Jik, who had previously danced for artistes such as Kim Hyun Joong, Henry and Troublemaker kicked things off with some hard hitting hiphop style classes!
Jik dancing it out with one of the groups~
I wonder what Jik's looking at. 
Instructor 1 down! Who's next~

Yuko was up next, who had flown in specially from Japan to share her passion and skills with the participants! Full of flair and simply loveable, she worked the crew and students hard! Can't wait to meet her again!

We had the honour of having Miss Yuko presenting the participants with their training certificates at the end of the program! 

Yuko spreading her love and passion for dance with the rest!
From the kids: "Come back again Yuko!"
We were back at the prestigious CLIMIX Academy for more singing this year again, and it was awesome revisiting some of the brilliant coaches that had inspired and spurred us on in our previous 2011 trip!

The group also got to record a song at one of the most famous recording studios around, frequented by groups such as 2PM and 4 minute!

Hyo Sam working on 'I Have a Lover' with Jojo
Learning how to Breathe Right~
Teacher Park deeply listening to ZQ's demonstration!
Private Class: Deirdre and Alton watching intently~
Hyo Sam with Group B [the one with the young kids]~
Our Boys and their favourite Teacher Park!

Jojo's turn in the recording room! The orange light is a heater. COLD!

All in All, the Overseas Training Trip became a memorable trip for all involved! New Friendships were forged, new passions were reinvigorated. Now, who's looking forward to the next trip? ^_^

A big thank you goes out to Canon for providing us with the Canon Legria Mini to capture and archive the wonderful memories! Also to the Korean Tourism Organization for the nifty souvenirs for our participants!

CJXOXO. We Sing. We Dance. We Love.

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