Thursday, April 24, 2014


In a bid to improve your experience here at Celine Jessandra, we have made a wealth of changes over the past few weeks! Following your feedback, we've listened and we're now delighted to be able to provide you with an even more awesome journey with us!

Wanna know what's improved? 
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For the many of you who indicated that you love catching up with our happenings or classes via mobile, you can now enjoy a smoother viewing and surfing experience with our new mobile friendly update. 

Surf through all the tabs and content as you wish, and see our nifty little site in all it's colourful glory! The top navigation tab allows you to access the "About Us", "Our Story" and "Contact Us" content, while the 2nd navigation tab [slightly lower] allows you to access the content on our Classes and Services! We think it's pretty neat!

To mark our 8th year here, we've decided to embark on using a new logo that better reflects our goals, dreams and vision. Haven't seen it yet? Here it is!

An amalgamation of colours, they represent the various aspirations many of us have in our pursuit of our dreams. Vivid and bright, it highlights the variety of individuals we see coming through our doors, each with their own story to tell. 

The symbolism of stars marks each and every one of us, with the varying sizes representing each individual dream, however big or small they might be. None is forgotten or ignored. 

Shaped in a form of a globe, it serves to remind us of the universal passion we all share. The love for singing and dancing. 

Feeling our new look? Drop us a note to share your love for it with us!

While we'll still sing, dance and love with each and everyone of you, we've engineered a brand new tagline that will serve as our inspiration for years to come. 

A reflection of how many of you telling us about how CJ is like a second home, or sanctuary away from the tire of everyday lives, we hope we can continue to provide you with this world we call our own. 

It will serve as a reminder to us, to continue working hard to provide this little place for everyone who has supported us throughout the year. It's time to keep dreaming then!

In an effort to better upgrade our class content, we have, and will be making changes (for the better of course!) to make your dancing or singing journey with us more exciting and enganging!

The change in term, originally from K. Hiphop, will better reflect the changes in the dance scene today! Instead, using the "street dance" term and style, it will highlight the varied styles our awesome instructors teach in class, ranging from Hiphop to Lyrical to Street Jazz! Commonly seen as extensions from the Hiphop genre, you're gonna have fun exploring the different subtleties across each style!

If you've noticed, we've added several categories and segmented them throughout our website! With this, we'll be able to deliver more interesting or heart-warming tales to you! We hope that you'll continue to visit our site often, and we even welcome suggestions for stories or writers should you be interested! Here are what you can look forward to!

Read up about milestone events that we've attended, or are part of it ourselves!
See what goes on behind the scenes at CJ! We'll include student and crew interviews. Fun snippets that basically goes on when no-one's watching
Fun and interesting stories that will provide you with laughs, tears or insights into happenings around the world. Fashion, Sports, Make-Up Tips, anything that our team of writers love!
Wanting to give back a little airtime to our partners who have shown us so much kindness and love, find out more about who they are, what they do, and what they have in store for you!

** We have in place some pretty sweet articles, so do stay tuned!

Of course you know we like to do things with a bang here at Celine Jessandra. What better way than to share some amazing prizes and gifts, courtesy from some of our amazing partners and sponsors!

Some delightful prizes we'll be giving out include the very awesome Canon Legria Mini Camera, Plenty of Autographed Merchandise, Vouchers, T-Shirts and simply much much more!

8 Giveaway Days to celebrate our 8 Years. How apt! Get ready for more details!


We hope that you'll continue to enjoy your journey here at Celine Jessandra! Do bear with us as we continue to add more content into our site!

We'll sing. We'll dance. We'll love. And We'll continue to share what we do best with everyone. 
Live in your World. Dream in Ours.

- Celine Jessandra Family #cjxoxo 


Lrihs said...

Wow wow wow!! Totally love the new motto, new gadgets and new logo! I feel so motivated after reading this passage. I wanna dance with CJ forever! Our sanctuary!

CJXOXO said...

Thank you!! Yes please do dance with us forever then! mwahhaa :D