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Our final entry is one close to my heart, simply because it's one of my own. hur hur. Meet the little black furball that's you've probably seen quite a few times at CJ, doing her self-proposed "WORLD TOUR", meeting her multitude of fans.

Get to see what makes her tick (nothing much really), and what makes her go wild (nothing much at all), and get ready to fall in love with this little Ebony Pup!

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Owner: Clement
Role in CJ: Marketing Communications / Chief Vocal Insructor

Nominated Pet: Baby / Mei Mei / Miu Miu / Nemesis (Depends on who you ask)

Nominated Pet
Name: Baby / Mei Mei / Miu Miu / Nemesis (Depends on who you ask)
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Age: 4 years
Gender: Female

You'll Never Walk Alone. Baby is a Liverpool Dog
Baby (Using that name for simplicity's sake) is a black miniature schnauzer that sorta defies all notions of how dogs, or schnauzers typically are. Schnauzers are usually squarish in build, and are described as alert, spirited and intelligent. They have little bushy beards and brows, have dark-coloured eyes, coupled with their trademark folding ears. 

That's where Baby breaks the mould by being nothing like the above. lol. 

Baby with her Collar Gift all the way from Taiwan!
Having a nice comfy sleep...

Still sleeping.

Unlike most schnauzers, Baby isn't exactly the 'Sharpest tool in the shed'. She has a tendency to walk into glass doors and mix up commands. Sometimes, I think she displays a wide array of human, or cat tendencies, depending on what she feels like.


Apparently, nothing much. Sometimes, she is easily excitable - more common when it involves food. More often then not, she spends her day doing the incredibly exciting exercise called SLEEPING. Sometimes, I think she sleeps 14 hours a day.

She likes to chase non-existent toys and pretend to like the things that I like. She has to wear clothes that I make her wear, as well as take photos when I need her to set up potentially "awww" moments for her legion of fans. All in a days work.


Baby has a fear of everything. Loud noises. Sudden touches. Car Rides. Mini dogs. Mini Cats. She does have a knack of making people gush over her, with her prim and proper demeanour, whilst over unleashing her demonic side at home. She rarely barks, but does like to charge at people with no consideration of braking or when to stop as well. 


Baby likes to cosplay. Why? Because I said so. She willingly (most of the time) dresses up for her photoshoot moments just so I can use the photos in times like this. You'll notice costumes (sort of) from Kaichou Maid Sama, Spiderman or simply posing with One Piece stuff. Haha.

Baby the Bumblebee feat. Laboon the Whale
Baby the Sailor. Oops. Forgot to button!
Baby in her Kaichou Maid Sama Outfit. LOL.
Her big behind getting ready for the World Cup! 
Baby showing her love for Andrew Garfield~

When it comes to dogs, Baby is probably the most passive dog you'll ever see. She is rarely spotted barking, and saunters around with an unmistakable lack of swag.

But in all honestly, She is a PR Dog. She has on numerous occasion, served as the unofficial receptionist at CJ, welcoming students with her quiet and shy demeanour. I mean come on! which dog lets it's owner dress it up like that in one sitting!


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Elizabeth Natallia said...

My favorite pet is BABY ♥ I laughed out loud while reading your sentence “That's where Baby breaks the mould by being nothing like the above.” But you're absolutely right! But the differences she had with what you said above makes her extra special! BABY is one of the fashionable dog in the world! She is so cute! She willingly (most of the time) dresses up for her photoshoot moments and all her photos are very cute and nice ♥ She is so photogenic But, seriously, she's 4 years old? She still looks like a very cute baby! And the greatest thing I think of her is she sleeps 14 hours a day! OH MY GOD! That was a really incredibly exciting exercise. Haha. You should really pay attention to her, out of pity, she has a fear of many things. By the way, is she a “BABY” too? Is she a big fans of B.A.P too? Hahaha LOL! But I really want to meet with BABY, seriously, I really want! She is super cute ♥ My favorite ♥

My e-mail :

Good luck for me!
Thank you for making an awesome giveaway and thank you for the opportunity you gave to everyone in this giveaway :)

Sonia Zheng said...

OMG THIS DOG IS SO CUTE. Mainly bc in every pic, Baby has this 'I'm so done with the world' face LOL. Her facial expression cracks me up because it's literally the same in every picture and she looks so nonchalant with everything. :) I think she's thinking, "Yup. Normal day. Don't worry, the human usually puts me in clothes and takes pics of me for random people to see. It's whatever." I think it's adorable how she walks into glass doors because I tend to do that too hahaha isn't that so cute of me (he...he...he... yeah not really Sonia.... you just look dumb....) HEY I GET EXCITED WHEN IT COMES TO FOOD TOO MAN YOUR DOG IS PERFECT. YOUR DOG WOULD MAKE THE PERFECT SNUGGLE BUDDY. bc if someone walked in on us they would think that we're dead bc we can both sleep for an unnatural amount of hours without moving or waking up. #sleepdeprivedhighschoolstudent (anybody feel my pain?!) omg it's adorable that your dog is afraid of everything... The author of this entry is fabulous LOL. OH MY GOSH I CANNOT GET OVER THE BUMBLEBEE COSTUME THAT IS SO GENIUS OMG. SOMEONE MAKE THIS DOG THE MASCOT ALREADY THIS IS SO ADORABLE. literally fingerling over this dog. should I make a Facebook page for Baby? LOLOLOL. I have to agree with the owner though.... props to Baby for sitting there and allowing it's human to dress her up in clothes. ok seriously what other excuse is there for NOT letting this dog win?? I see none. and I see no excuses. BABY FTW. (btw, this also reminds me of B.A.P.. maybe Baby is a Baby of B.A.P? even better reason to win :))


Thanks for the amazing giveaway and I really hope my entry wins :) I honestly thought really hard about this :) I should probably use the effort I put into this post by doing my procrastinated homework LOL. See ya CJ :) Really hope I win :)

Sonia Zheng said...

fingerling??? I meant fangirling over this girl LOL ******