Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Learn from the Best! Music-Maker Zhang Si Er's Song Composition Workshop!

We're introducing a brand new workshop series here at Celine Jessandra, and for those interested in the art of music making, we've brought in one of the best in the business to get you started!

Learn from one of the leading songwriters in the industry as we bring to you Mr. Zhang Si Er, an acclaimed songwriter who has penned hits for singers like JJ Lin, Cyndi Wang, Z Chen, A-do,Harlem Yu, Coco Lee, and even the legendary Aaron Kwok! The list goes on. 

You probably don't know it but he's written some of your favourite songs like 当你豆浆油条末日之恋原来会有那么一天翅膀简简单单不懂... and all personally mega-favorites of mine! We could go on for days!

Now's your chance to work with Si Er in our special workshop program series, that over 2 sessions, will work on both aspects of Melody composing, and Lyric writing. 

Reserve your interest now, and get a chance to be mentored by only the best! 

Call us at 6254 0702 or e-mail to hello@celinejessandra for more details about this workshop series today!

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