Sunday, August 02, 2015

Like Sugar and Daydream in a Case

Happy to be sharing with you something simple but pretty for a start. :)

Having chanced upon @traceryshop while doing my rounds on instagram, I was immediately drawn by the pretty colours and as one never needs a reason to shop..

I'm not typically a fan of bling, preferring mostly low key pieces. 
I am however, excited to share more about these glitter cases from @Traceryshop whose owner, Baifern (her nickname, all Thais have nicknames, which I didn't know until Clement gave all of us the 101 on Thailand recently) gets hands on and goes the extra mile in personalizing tech cases for her customers.

Her instagram feed showcases the vast array of colours and designs that she offers. After talking to her, I found out that she personalizes the colours used, and is also able to customize the design. A red based laptop case, could also be fused with hot pink glitter and flecks of purple and gold, to give a more multi-dimensional look. 

When I showed the girls and Clement (my colleagues and crew at CJ), the first question they posed, was if "the glitter would get everywhere and therefore cause a mess?" 
"No." I deadpanned. They really need to shop more. 

When placing your order, tell Baifern the font you want (she will also send you a few choices) and what I like most about her service is that the cases came neatly bubble wrapped and in zip lock packets even before I knew their tracking number. :)  

Here's a look at some of her bestsellers! 


Her cases are priced (in my opinion), very reasonably, given the amount of work that goes into the construction of a case. 

::: Prices :::
* Phone Case * (different brand cases are available)
a. case with glitter only (no name)               12-20 SGD
b. clear case + name | word(s)                       26 SGD
c. case with glitter + name | word(s)             28 SGD

* Macbook Glitter Case *
Pro / Air / Retina / The new macbooks

11 inch 52 SGD
12 inch 52 SGD
13 inch 54 SGD
15 inch 55 SGD

To add a name | word(s)  + 4 SGD

Shipping not included. 

1 - 3 days for phone case
2 - 4 days for macbook case
(She usually sends within 7-14 business days after payment confirmation due to large order numbers.)

According to Baifern, her popular colours are: Pink glitter, Hologram glitter, Galaxy glitter and dark Silver glitter ka. :) 

If you're not a fan of the red tones, she's got options for everyone in almost every colour! Her instagram feed is a great place for referencing designs and colours! 

You can visit her Instagram shop: @traceryshop |

To place an order, you can drop her a message on Facebook (  or text her on LINE. She speaks good english, so communication has so far been a smooth process!  

 Baifern! Tracery Shop's owner! 

All our readers will be able to get 10% their purchases!  Simply quote "ShopwithCelineJessandra" when placing your order!

Happy Shopping! :) 


Her orders in varying colours.

Photo Credits: @traceryshop

Disclaimer: I paid for my cases and this is not a paid blog post. I loved her cases and wanted to share them with all our readers at :)

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