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Dearest CJ Students, 

The End-of-Year School Holidays are coming up, and we're sure the rest and relaxation will be a welcome relief after all the currently ongoing stress of exam preparation!

If you're on the look-out for something fun to fill those long and restless afternoons, or if you're afraid of feeling bored at home without anything to entertain yourself with, why not head down to CJ to join us at our Holiday Workshops, specially planned to add that extra bit of excitement to your afternoons this November and December! 


K-Pop MV Workshops

Kids K-Pop MV Workshop

Date: 24 / 25 / 26 November 2015 (Mon - Wed)
Time: 2 - 3.30 PM 

K-Pop, with their wide array of catchy, child-friendly tunes, is a great way to engage your child in music and dance! By getting your child dancing along to several of K-Pop's iconic Music Video dance moves, they get to expend their restless energy in a fun, healthy and holistic way! 

Ladies K-Pop MV Workshop

Date: 26 / 27 November 2015 (Thurs - Fri)
Time: 3.30 - 5.30 PM

Specially for the Ladies (although guys are welcome as well!), this workshop features popular K-Pop Girl Group songs, such as Girls Generation, Hyuna, Sistar, AOA and more! Offering you a variety of dance styles within the K-Pop Girl Group music genre, get in touch with all the various facets of your feminine side: sexy and sensual, sweet and girlish, or fiercely confident.

F(x) - 4 Walls
Twice - Ooh Ahh
Hyuna - Because I'm the Best
Sistar - Shake It
SNSD - You Think
AOA - Heart Attack

*Subject to change

Beginner K-Pop MV Workshop

Date: 1 / 2 December 2015 (Tues - Wed)
Time: 3 - 5.30 PM

For first-time dancers, this workshop is a good start for you! Using the trademark "hook" choreographies (one of the definitive aspects of K-Pop) of trendy K-Pop songs such as Bang Bang Bang and Rhythm Ta, allow yourself to get used to basic Hip Hop groove, and take your first steps toward building a stronger dance foundation!

Big Bang - Bang Bang Bang iKON - Rhythm Ta GOT7 - Just Right VIXX - Love Equation / Chained Up BTS - Tomorrow Infinite - Back GD&Taeyang - Good Boy

*Subject to change

Intermediate K-Pop MV Workshop

Date: 16 / 17 December 2015 (Wed - Thurs)
Time: 3 - 5.30 PM

For more experienced dancers, have a blast learning exciting new choreographies from all the most popular K-Pop groups in this Intermediate K-Pop MV Workshop! Featuring the likes of EXO,  BTS, Infinite and GOT7, challenge yourselves to execute those slick, sharp moves with the same ease and poise as your idols!


Hip Hop

Introduction to Hip Hop 

Date: 9 / 10 / 11 December 2015 (Wed - Thurs)
Time: 3 - 4.30 PM

For those completely new to dance, join us as we take you through the fundamentals of bounces, body isolations, waves and more, in this workshop specially catered to guide individuals along their initial forays into Hip Hop dance! A proper technical foundation is a great step towards improving as a dancer, and will help you execute choreography with greater ease, or gain more confidence in moving your body and dancing freestyle. 



Introduction to Vocals

Date: 3 / 4 December 2015 (Thurs - Fri)
Time: 2 - 5 PM

Our vocal program offers a combination of vocal technique and vocal science, serving to provide each individual with the personalised attention and application of technique requisite in their growth as vocalists! In this workshop, learn the fundamentals of singing, under the guidance of our in-house instructors, all of whom are passionate about singing and eager to accompany you along your singing journey!


We're really excited about these upcoming holiday workshops, and we hope you're equally excited! To register, email us with your name and contact number at or call us at 6254 0702 / 9732 7302 now! (: 

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