Thursday, November 26, 2015

Because, Love.

Yesterday and Today, we welcomed 2 groups of student leaders to CJ. This was for a SG50 Female Leaders Digital Stories feature.

What I loved about the whole experience, was how we managed to not only share our love for what we do, but in the short amount of time with them, I witnessed how our passion resonated with the young ones. And that moved me. 

I don't relish the spotlight. I am a firm believer in sharing the spotlight and giving "airtime" to my talents (whom I am always excited to share with the world). Yesterday, I was happy to have Jojo and Alicia with me for the segment.

The Rainbow Unicorn

Having known her from Miss Korea, the students were full of admiration for Jojo at first sight. A lot of "ooh-ing" and "ah-ing" went on. Jojo always coolly takes it in her stride. She is focused. She knows what I want, expects and she delivers. We have an unspoken chemistry. When we work together, I have ideas and she brings them to life. That's how our magic gets done.

The (dark horse) Stallion

Alicia, on the other hand is quiet, calm and slightly more reserved (I love that about her), until she sings. Her voice moves hearts. Alee (as I call her) is the stallion of my team. And just like I had hoped, I witnessed first hand yesterday, how the students who were total strangers to her, (had their hearts) melt after listening to her sing. While she has a way to go, I cannot wait for everyone to see and hear what I do.

Outside the studio, Jojo was waving her hands in the air and helping to film her.

And this is what I love about my people. They are the epitome of a Team.

Endowed with different gifts, they know the need to be humble and to learn from one another. Challenging each other means inspiring one another to be better than they were. Being supportive and looking out for one another has come naturally to them.

And in essence, LOVE is what we embody. Love, passion and obsession (for the arts), coupled with Love for one another.

They asked me, "Why did you start Celine Jessandra?"

Because, Love. 

Credits: with love from one of my little sheep studying in Korea, Ilyna. Thank you! ^_^
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2015년 11월 26일 오후 4시 반 쯤: 우리 사랑하는 "예술가족"이당!! ㅎㅎ Dedicating my artistic creation on "First Snow" Day to my beloved CJ family back in Singapore~ Kekeke I hope you guys are all doing well in Singapore!!!^^ 😙😁😊😄😉 

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