Thursday, March 03, 2016

CJ Collabo Classes [SUMMERJAM 2016] One-Time only Workshops!

This year, we are happy to be a part of Recognize Studios' Summer Jam Dance Camp 2016. In addition to the dance workshops featuring international choreographers, the event will also include classes and activities by local dance and performing arts companies.

The CJ Collabo Workshops will see the creative fusion of 3 different teaching duos, namely:

Clem & Alee - Vocal Workshop [1pm - 3pm]
Jojo & Eugene Ho - K- Urban Dance Workshop [3pm - 4.30pm]
Akif & Charles - K- Street Jazz Dance Workshop [4.30pm - 6pm]

The Vocal Workshop will introduce the concepts of the Pop Science of Singing! Students will learn how to hit high notes effortlessly, and they will go through simple and effective steps to immediately correct their foundational singing methods. Improve the quality of your vocal tone with feedback and coaching from our team of vocal coaches!

The K-Urban Dance Workshop follows the very popular Urban dance style, while utilising K-Pop / K-Hiphop music for a different twist. In this unique collaboration, follow Jojo and Eugene as they stir up a delightful choreography with their different styles.

The K- St. Jazz Dance Workshop features a team up between our very popular instructors Akif and Charles as they work out a routine sure to get you pulsing. Using K-Pop / K-Hiphop music in choreographing to the St. Jazz dance style,  you'll be sure to go all!

At 1.5 hours for each segment, sign up for this one-time collabo class right now at only $15 per pax. If you're a student or a current CJ member, enjoy this workshop at only $12!

To sign up, simply e-mail to or call us at 6254 0702 / 9732 7302 now!

Be sure to check out the other activities going on such as the very exciting RFJAM events throughout the week as well!

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