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Mayhem in July! Rookie Showdowns [BTS / NCT / BLACKPINK / EXO]

The scene heats up this July as we witness a showdown between the rookie groups from the top entertainment companies. Who's gonna take home the trophy for the most electrifying new group? Don't lag behind as we countdown to some of the best songs to hit the scene this year!

From SM Entertainment, we look at the full launch of their new boy group NCT 127, with the debut song 'Fire Truck'. Couple with a western electronic vibe, the catchy beats will have you bopping your head like an addiction.

Not to be left behind, YG launches their new girl group, BlackPink who's power moves in their debut video serve as a reminder to how kickass girls can be.

The other rookie groups iKon and Gfriend still have their hit dance moves on show, so don't miss out on them!

For the more traditional, Sistar makes a comeback with their sultry and sleek choreography 'I Like That', bound to satisfy our ladies in the house~

Focused on picking up more techniques? Then go crazy with our promotional open classes this month, and choose from a serving of Hiphop, Urban, or Street Jazz classes!

Once again, it's a chaotic comeback season in July, and come join in the Mayhem alongside our team right here at Celine Jessandra! Don't miss out on simply the best Kpop Dance Classes right here!

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who's gonna reign supreme come end of july. pick your side!

[8pm - 9pm | 6 sessions $98]
Seventeen's dance routine are always a pleasure to watch (and to dance) due to their sheer power in numbers. That's not to say their routine isn't awesome, because as usual, it simply is. They've come back with a funk style in their latest comeback 'Very Nice', and you'll get to pick up elements of popping and locking along the way. The footwork is gonna keep you on your toes literally, so get your suspenders ready and come join us!

I LIKE THAT by SISTAR [August 16th]
[8pm - 9pm | 6 sessions $98]
Everybody's favorite ladies group is back with their latest song 'I Like This'! Sistar has never been one to shy away from the sleek and sensual dance style that has made them such as female favorite since they first appeared. Don't be fooled though, because this song too packs a punch, with quick, sharp movements sure to get your adrenaline going. This one's going to be popular with the ladies, so get your slots before it's gone!

[8pm - 9pm | 6 sessions $98]
The Boys of Bangtan has so many dance routines, that sometimes it's hard to keep track of them. One thing's for sure though, and that is every choreography in their songs is sure to give you a good challenge - and plenty of fun! Baep Sae is no different from their usual high energy, high octane dance videos, except that there are plenty of fun elements within the song to keep every fan happy. A song every BTS fan should be part of, come join in for an awesome good time. 

[730pm - 830pm | 8 sessions $128]
Gfriend has been nothing short of a revelation since their debut, churning out dance hits such as Rough and Me Gustas Tu! Their first song Glass Bead served as a throwback to the original SNSD, and it has been a ever-popular dance routine, since we first launched this class some time ago. We're bringing it back one more time due to requests, and if you've always enjoyed the female pop style, then you simply can't go wrong with this dance! This one is going down as a classic!

HIPHOP INTRO with SWING [open class]
[730pm - 830pm | packages available]
The INTRO Hiphop class with Swing focuses on the execution of techniques to aid your coordination and musicality. Suitable for newcomers and beginners, Swing has proven to be a very patient coach, who ensures the students understand their weekly learning points. Using a mixture of pop music, she'll work on your bounces, isolations, footwork and more! Come join her every Friday at 730pm! Who cares if you have 2 left feet!

HIPHOP BEGINNER with ALEX [open class]
[11am - 12pm | packages available]
The Beginner Hip Hop class with Alex is another open class that sees plenty of beginners or newcomers join and thrive! Focusing on groove, musicality and rhythm, Alex has helped many beginners grow in confidence and improve their coordination while improving their groove and execution. An extremely nurturing coach who strongly believes in building sound techniques and foundations, this class is perfect for dancers who are just starting out!

[12pm - 1pm | packages available]
The Urban Choreography class with Jojo focuses more on choreography via the Urban Dance Style. Break down more challenging movements and choreography focusing on power, groove and precision. A combination of Hip Hop, Lyrical and various others, combine these elements to create your own style and groove it out with Jojo every Saturday! 

KIDS HIPHOP / KPOP with CHARLES [6 - 8 years]
[1pm - 2pm | packages available]
The Kids dance class at 1pm is suitable for kids new to dance, and will help instill within them better foundations. They will focus on concepts such as coordination, execution and mobility, using them to better complete the given routines. Students will have a great time dancing to their favorite blend of Pop and KPop hits every week, and in turn improve their cognitive ability to music and movement.

KIDS HIPHOP / KPOP with CHARLES [7 - 12 years]
[2pm - 3pm | packages available]

The Kids dance class at 2pm is suitable for junior dancers with some background to music & movement. They will focus on executing more challenging concepts to improve their mobility and strength. They will work to complete short routines each week, with increasing difficulty in groove and coordination! 

FIRE by BANGTAN BOYS [July 16th]
[3pm - 4pm | 8 sessions $128]
To say that FIRE has been a revelation would be an understatement, and it has proven to be the most popular song of the year by far! Tremendously fun with it power-packed routine, you've simply got to join this class if you haven't already. We'll let the video and it's popularity do the talking, because that's simply all you'll need to watch to get you hyped up. The last class we'll be doing for this kick-ass song, do not give this a miss!

L.I.E by EXID [July 16th]
[4pm - 5pm | 6 sessions $98]
Quickly growing in popularity, EXID has already been in the KPop scene for a number of years now, but their burst in fame following 'Ah Yeah', has seen them churn out great dance routines one after another, and L.I.E isn't an exception! The song itself is catchy, and the dance steps are a mixture of simple and challenging movesets. Great for beginners, and dancers who'd like to work on a more ladies pop dance routine! 

RUN by BANGTAN BOYS [July 30th]
[5pm - 6pm | 6 sessions $98]
The Boys of Bangtan produced a stellar comeback late last year which was both soulful in melody, and exciting in choreography. Who wouldn't like to fling their jacket over the shoulders looking all cool and stuff. If you've joined us recently in FIRE classes, RUN would be the next class you'll have to be part of. It's a challenging one, but we're sure you're gonna love this.

FIRE TRUCK by NCT 127 [July 23rd]
[6pm - 7pm | tbc]
The new rookie boy group by SM Entertainment has finally fully launched, and their debut song 'Fire Truck' is a combination of western EDM music to the Kpop Dance style we're all so familiar with. The song itself is incredibly catchy with its beats, and the choreography is sharp, precise and packed with an explosive punch. Jump ahead of the curve as we watch NCT 127 grow from their rookie status, and be part of learning this irresistable choreography!

 by IKON 
[July 16th]
[7pm - 8pm | 6 sessions]
This dark, intese mood of dance as perfected by IKON is no doubt signature of their trademark style, and if you're a fan, you should be as hyped up as we are! As performed to TYGA's make it nasty, and DRAKE's The Motto, don't let the short duration of this dance fool you. Want to pick up an ridiculously sweet choreography, while learning more challenging techniques at the same time? Look no further and come join us for IKON's Motto!

[12pm - 1pm | 6 sessions $98]
We've seen the more sensual, softer side of BTS in Butterfly, and here is another lyrical style choreography through their Japanese hit, For You. Slightly more upbeat than Butterfly, experience more fluidity and sharpness in the routine, while grooving to one of your favorite BTS songs. Great for beginners, this song could be your first stepping stone onto their more challenging routines!

STREET JAZZ with AKIF [open class]
[1pm - 2pm | packages available]
Akif's street jazz class will challenge you to find your inner-dancing diva, focusing on sharp, precise and sensual movements built into the routine. Suitable for Junior dancers and up, this class focuses on the building of confidence through it's challenging routines and execution of steps. If you've always like the more sexy ladies approach, then this class is the one for you! 

INTRO by BLACKPINK [July 17th]
[2pm - 3pm | 6 sessions $98]
YG's new girl group is finally released! Before they officially debut, they released a practice dance video to showcase their kick-ass dance skills. Choreographed by Paris Goebel herself, this Female hiphop style is reminiscent to Produce 101's Bang Bang that proved very popular to our female students. If you've always like this sort of fiercer lady's dance style, then look no further then Black Pink's Intro video! 

MONSTER by EXO [July 17th]
[3pm - 4pm | 8 sessions $128]
EXO's new hit Monster has been topping all the various charts around the world, and it's not hard to see why. The slightly mystical vibe, topped off with great dance moves, has always proved to be a hit with our students. Shark, sleek and couple with great formation changes, you'll feel as fulfilled as you have with all their previous hits like Mama, Growl, etc. Don't be the only Exo fan missing out!  

[4pm - 5pm | 8 sessions $128]
Write up coming soon~!

FLY by GOT7 [July 17th]
[6pm - 7pm | 8 sessions $128]
An incredibly underrated song, GOT7's FLY will make it's last appearance in our schedule! Incredibly catchy and great for beginners, this song helps build your coordination and musicality through its routine. The previous classes had major fun with this dance, and you surely will too if you've enjoyed the likes of IF YOU DO or JUST RIGHT!    



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Either way, we're looking forward to hearing from you~!

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